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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Sinber Akurat przeważnie wolę mieć czysty system bez dodatkowych aplikacji, więc GFE mam zainstalowane z rzadka. Opcję znam, ale akurat w przypadku CP to kwestia RT wymagającego zbyt dużo od mojego sprzętu. 😂 see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch The OP mentioned cat hair, so that would accelerate the vents and fan fins getting clogged up. OTOH I don't have any pets at the moment and my laptop still can be quite grey inside after a few months. Especially winter and spring time is really dusty in Finland, because the air... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Aaricia Jeszcze nie, brakuje czasu. Cyberpunk też nie był zadowolony z 16GB RAMu, było trochę ścinek. Jedna kość 32GB daje więcej FPS mimo braku dual channel. 🤔 see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    When it comes to such extreme situations as in the picture, it's more likely that there's a mental health condition going on rather than laziness. For example depression can make some people become quite unhygienic. see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    I was looking for some info on the net and stumbled upon this thread. The carpet in the laptop reminded me of this talk about overheating laptop. see more
  • October: Spooky Month in the Legion Community! 🎃
    @DoctorEldritch A monster doesn't have to be malicious in my opinion. And The Groke is definitely spooky, my SO has childhood trauma when the anime episode featuring it aired with darkened colours by mistake. It looked really dark compared to the original release. see more
  • October: Spooky Month in the Legion Community! 🎃
    The Groke: see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Aaricia Custom = ultra z modyfikacjami. Zobaczymy jak będzie się grało. 😊 see more
  • GameTogether changes are coming!
    Bah, of course that has to be on a kendo day for me. But hopefully others have fun at least! Is the community going to get a Halloween theme this year? see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    @DoctorEldritch Fingers crossed for that. I was gonna try running the game during the weekend on the LOQ 15 laptop, but alas my weekend turned into a shitshow full of cursing at dysfunctional Linux installation (which I had to reinstall) and obscure tools not working (which I am yet to fix). ... see more
  • October 2023 : Selection of games to be released
    @DoctorEldritch I don't really watch and game at the same time. If I watch stuff at my desk, I usually become a slack potato sack in my chair, so it's not THAT different. 😂 The couch does have more room for slacking though, I've even had a snort nap on it one of these days. Still having an issue... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @DoctorEldritch I have never seen a waffle like in the picture. I would try to eat the container though. I did eat the bread I had my żurek served in, but usually I have it on a normal plate. The bread is a fancy option. see more
  • October 2023 : Selection of games to be released
    @DoctorEldritch To be fair I have been way too busy this week to properly enjoy it. I was able to watch the finale of the current season of Bleach though. Good added stuff there. They fixed a part that was really lame in the manga. see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    Yeah, the new graphics updates are for those with extreme hardware. I do think the game should be able to run better now than at launch though, there have been updates. It's still quite demanding nevertheless. see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia 100-144 fps praktycznie cały czas. see more
  • Being a gamer may be hard for some people
    I believe that the gender is not important in games and the players should not be seen through the prism of it. It is very annoying when female gamers get abuse from their male counterparts. Due to archaic societal constructs, a lot of men take it as an insult to their ego if they lose to a woman.... see more
  • October 2023 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 Nothing new in October, but there's a BlizzCon early November. It's likely there would be an announcement of the next expansion. That being said, anything may happen, as Activision Blizzard has been doing so many layoffs that now most devs who worked on the "Dragonflight" expansion... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @DoctorEldritch I still have to go to the south to be able to get a yakisoba. The Grain Village, unfortunately, only has Chinese and Thai stir fry places. It's not exactly Z, but I guess close enough. Żurek is a sour rye soup that I like a lot. Sometimes it is served in a bread like in the... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @DoctorEldritch That looks nice, I would try it if I had a chance. My suggestion of the dish is yakisoba, from Japan as well. Stir fried wheat noodles with salty, sweet-sour sauce. see more
  • Przedstawiamy Legion Go!
    @tomkill Kabel USB C do DisplayPort będzie najlepszy. Monitor z Twojego linku ma port DisplayPort. see more