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  • temperature
    @mostak yes please , thank u - - - Updated - - - @mostak has not changed mate, I tried to start the game and the CPU continues to overheat and I have frame drops because it goes into protection see more
  • temperature
    @mostak thanks for rep , not gpu but cpu , Now I changed from energy saving the max usage when it is connected to the current, it went from 100 to 90 and the clock frenquence has dropped to 1700 unlike before which was always on 4300 and together with it has also dropped the temperature from 80... see more
  • temperature
    @Nouhaila4 hello thanks for your replies I have another problem my cpu in game has reached 105 degrees causing it to lower the frame, I noticed that the clocks are always at the maximum, but if I open the task manager I don't notice any program that uses it actually 100%, how could I fix this... see more
  • temperature
    Hello everyone for some time the temperatures of my pc, lenovo legion rayzen 7 , 4800H and rtx 2060, has raised its temperatures . Today through a video on youtube I discovered that there is this legionfancontrol app where you can manage your fans. The problem is that when I try to use it gives me... see more
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