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  • Lenovo Legion Pro 2023 - worth the wait?
    Thanks for the replies! So it seems there is no easy answer. The games i play are for the most part, easy to run, as I mostly play heavily modded old games. So far my 4600H+1650 has been enough! However, would like my next PC to be a little more future proof. I guess I'll either buy the 1100€... see more
  • Lenovo Legion Pro 2023 - worth the wait?
    I'm eyeing the 2021 variant (5600h + 3050) 1100€. Also considering saving up for 2022 variant (6600H + 3070) 2100€. But maybe I should wait for 7600H + 4060/4070? Thoughts? I'm tired of thinking. I know I want the Pro though, because of the 16:10 screen. see more
  • Gamers Browser 🎮🔎
    Funny you guys mentioned the browser. I only installed it a couple days ago on both Windows and Android and I love it. 'My flow' allows easy sharing of files and notes between my devices. Other than that the design is lovely, background music is chill and it's pretty fast. The upcoming games slider... see more
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