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What type of gamer are you? Hardcore Gamer
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Passioneret dansk twitch streamer på 18 år
Der kan opleves alt fra FPS, Battle Royale, og til IRL streams

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  • Legion Gaming x Stryhn
    @Fazeza ​​​​​​​Stryhn Army x Chocolate Army 🍫 see more
  • Legion Gaming x Stryhn
    MoriMoonpaw - Thank you so much! What a warm welcome message 🤗 - - - Updated - - - Liue Thank you so much! Pleasure to be a member of this project 😁 See you around in my chat.. see more
  • Legion Gaming x Stryhn
    Yoo hey everyone! Legion Gaming and i partnered up for a little project, and i am super excited for that! By the way my name is Niklas, and im a danish twitch streamer under the name "Stryhn" :) On my twitch channel you can watch content like fps gaming, battle royale, and a few IRL... see more
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