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  • Movies from your own country!
    DoctorEldritch Hell yeah can never go wrong with some Lord Of The Rings and hear Legolas screaming they taking the hobbits to Isengard! see more
  • Movies from your own country!
    DoctorEldritch Haha yeah I dont know I think its because the movie always shows up on the television channels over here and just has a nice movie chill feeling watching it every once a while like the Harry Potter movies aswell! see more
  • Movies from your own country!
    I mean music I have no idea but for christmas movies there is only one movie that matters to me on that holiday and that is Lord Of The Rings marathon! see more
  • Hello There!
    Saka I pretty much do lot of variety streaming or competitive games. I am right now playing and making content on the moba 4v4 game Fangs. While on the stream now I am doing the xbox event playing random games from the gamepass showcasing it! see more
  • Hello There!
    Hi my name is Ryjax and I am from Sweden! My favorite stuff to do is collecting cards and play board games. I am also a content creator on Twitch and Youtube now for almost 4-5 years! My favorite games so far in the Xbox gamepass is Dead Cells and Sea Of Thieves. I am trying alot more games... see more
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