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  • Join the Legion Easter Egg Competition!
    Who doesn't remember the good old cs 1.6 office easter egg :D see more
  • Anyone up for Diablo IV beta?
    Played it all last weekend. I must admit, i didnt expect anything crazy, but i was suprised, its sooo cool! I cant wait for release the 6th of june , You guys should try it :) see more
  • Join the Legion Fail It Till You Make It Competition!
    I have a real fail gaming story to tell! A story that I am often reminded of when I play with my friends, and a story that fortunately we can laugh about today :) It has been many years. In the very old Rust legacy, We were a group of 5 Danish players who had made us an enemy on the server we... see more
  • What is your New Year's Resolution?
    Im planning on learning network, and work as some kind of network engineer/supporter as an data technician. But its an Education that takes 5 years, and as a 36 year old man, it can be hard to find a work as a student.! :) but im gonna try really hard to find a place.. Also im trying to teach... see more
  • What is your New Year's Resolution?
    My new years resolution is to start a new Education, IT related.. im working as a chef, but my lunges and health is putting my careeer to an end.. so i wanna work behind a desk instead.. wirhout Steam and smoke :) So i have to continue saving up for quitting my current job and apply for an IT... see more
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy new year all, lets hope for some great new games in 2023.! im really looking forward to try out The day before. see more
  • Hello from Denmark
    Hey guys.! i hope you all had a great Christmas and new years eve.. if anyone is up for some rocket League or Rust Gaming, then hit me up :) ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Upgrade Your Gamer Buddy competition!
    Min bedste gamer-kammerat er uden tvivl min bror! Vi har spillet sammen i mere end 20 år - startede som børn i vores forældres hus, vi lavede et gaming rum i kælderen. begge udstyret med nyeste Voodoo2 GPU og klar til at blokere alle telefonlinjer derhjemme, - for at bruge vores dial-up internet.... see more
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