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Frozen consulting manager in the north.. loves gaming, writing code and wearing shorts in -5c

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  • Guess the logo 🎮
    still stumped... don't recognise it at all - - - Updated - - - ​​​​​​​wait,... that looks like Gears of War see more
  • Guess the logo 🎮
    honestly, I don't recognise it at all 😞 #failface #notarealgamer see more
  • Breaking Bad - or not?
    ​​​​​​​I loved it!! it was painfully cringey :D see more
  • Breaking Bad - or not?
    Malcolm in the middle... it was a stable to watch for us when the teenagers were a little younger.. see more
  • Breaking Bad - or not?
    it's quickly becoming a classic TV series to be honest... the overwhelming success of the series pretty much speaks for itself.. ​​​​​​​i loved it, back when it was new and you had to wait eons for a new series to come out see more
  • Aim Map for PUBG
    Don't believe so... but there are plenty of aim simulators out there that can help improve your aim in FPS games see more
  • Headset advice
    Best bet here is to a) set a budget and b) get a headset you find comfortable. there is no real answer to which would be recommended for which game.. it all depends on your hearing and what you find comfortable to wear.. personally, i use the EPOS GSP 600 from Sennheiser.. they're not... see more
  • Monitor setup
    Lots of questions from you on here.. great to see.. Firstly, before considering your monitor, consider the games you play and how long you play them for. Secondly, definitely make sure you set a budget first.. monitors can get crazy expensive. I run a two-monitor-desk set up - one for... see more
  • Gamer keyboard or not..
    So, keyboards... probably one of the top 3 very personal choices you will get to make... I have a multitude of keyboards, all for different purposes and i can recommend 3 out of 4 of them.. For work: Because I'm very often a highly mobile worker, i need a keyboard that is compact,... see more
  • BF 2042 good or bad?
    ohhh.. hot potato here... thanks for the mention Aaricia. 😁 Farmer i would definitely not recommend BF 2042, it's a big, buggy mess and an outright disaster. There is a reason that EA is considering making it F2P. I played it as i was given a copy of it, but after about 3 days I told the... see more
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