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  • black screen Legion 7 full AMD
    GoLLuM13 when this happens is not noisy or hot the laptop, it's on a minimum charge of work usually, doing normal stuff, not on charge wile gaming or 3D benchmark. i have the latest version of drivers on the cpu and gpu verified on windows see more
  • 2️⃣8️⃣​​​​​​​- Answer with only Yes or No
    Yes, are u happy with ur Legion product? see more
  • black screen Legion 7 full AMD
    Hello, I have a legion 7 2022 full amd with the rx6850m xt, and it happens to me sometimes, while editing videos or while using the laptop surfing the internet, which becomes the black screen and does not show anything anymore, I try to open the task manager but it does not work. Then it restarts... see more
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