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  • Legion Evolved Phase 2
    #LegionEvolved This took me hours to make I posted as a reply because, I couldn't post it as a thread see more
  • #LegionEvolved explaining a lenova legion laptop to a alien
    #LegionEvolved Human: Hey there! How are you doing? I never seen a creature anything like you Alien: I am doing quite well, thank you for asking. I am a creature from a another planet, I came to this planet to learn about the technological advancements made by the humans Human: I was... see more
  • explaining a lenova legion laptop to alien
    #LegionEvolved - - - Updated - - - #LegionEvolved ​​​​​​​Explaining a lenova Legion Laptop to alien Hello there, extraterrestrial friend! Allow me to explain to you about the Lenovo Legion laptop. Firstly, the Lenovo Legion is a portable computer that... see more
  • 🏆Legion Evolved - Phase 1 winners🏆
    @MustafaM7moud do u know how to claim them? ​​​​​​​ see more
  • 🏆Legion Evolved - Phase 1 winners🏆
    @QueenTomato where can i claim my prize, my instagram id is @mhd_fdhl ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Legion Evolved - How has gaming impacted your life and helped you evolve?
    gaming has changed my life in a crucial way I spent years battling depression, had low self-esteem, and struggled with feeling good enough. I was bullied at school at my hockey team, so I didn’t have every many friends, the ones I did have held me back and I certainly didn’t know how to make... see more
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