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Local South African gamer and "casual" competitor :)

(All my Social Media - ig, snapchat, etc - have the same User Name just incase)

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  • seeking for help
    Hi and Welcome!! I'll gladly answer any questions you have :) see more
  • My Lenovo Legion Sweatshirt Arrives! Unboxing!
    it looks so comfortable and I love the packaging it came in too!! Im still waiting for my tote bag but I'll definitely post something once I get it ! see more
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix
    definitely Azula and Mai need recasts tho. I have 'the Last airbender' and "the legend of korra' on my laptop, how does a discord watch party sound 🤔🤔 see more
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix
    @Sarkhan Its not the best but its also not the worst Loved the Kiyoshi episode tho :D I'm so happy that s2 & 3 got confirmed! see more
  • Legion Fridays - February Winners 🏆
    Thats so cool! I got a tote bag, I never had one before!! ​​​​​​​Thanks so much ! see more
  • Palworld
    @Sarkhan true true, i tried out lego fortnite for about a week and got bored but maybe it'll be different with Palworld. I used to play a lot of Genshin before, maybe my love for it will come back see more
  • Palworld
    @Sarkhan I dont know if im the only one but these open world PVPs & PVEs are starting to burn out a bit. we have fortnite which has its br modes and then came along the lego one which had a one week boom then it kinda died. Genshin impact was fun then it became repetitive and boring after a while... see more
  • What's the first game you played in 2024?
    @Raine I loved the Valhalla DLC so much. The growth between Kratos and Mimir in their small conversations are amazing. truly like brothers now. This video from gamewins just made me want to replay the dlc again even tho i wanted to rage quit a lot 😂 see more
  • 29th of February Game Together
    If its after my working hours I will definitely be there ! see more
  • 7️⃣9️⃣ 🎮 Game Night Showdown - Choose Your Game! 🎮
    @UnapologeticDino Fortnite game night you say 👀👀👀 (on the other hand....if pubg mobile and codM were options...) see more
  • Gamer's Time Machine: Revisiting Classics with a Modern Eye
    @UnapologeticDino I really want a remake of the OG god of war like how they did for a few resident evil games. Like take a look at this rendition of the original god of war with unreal engine. the first 2 deserve remakes, go3 was already amazing see more
  • Let's play at: "And the next word is..."
    Ball ===> Room 👀 see more
  • Which TV Series are you currently watching?
    The shows are really good you should definetly try them out! 'the boys' (homelander) Season 4 starts in june so I might start now lol, just a fair warning that it has A LOT of ''non-child-friendly" content - if you love reading, kind of stay away from the comics for it, spoilers yea but also the... see more
  • Which TV Series are you currently watching?
    @Sarkhan "What we do in the shadows" a comedy documentary type of show about vampires, the animated "harley quinn" series and "american horror story" Those are kind of a mix of every genre but it keeps me from being bored lol. I've been wanting to start Monarch Legacy of monsters and 'reacher'... see more
  • Gaming Time Capsules: Envisioning the Future of Gaming in 2034
    @UnapologeticDino VR and AI are definitely taking over but then the risk of cyber threats kinda increase, but you win some you lose some ig. Hoping to avoid a world like 'ready player one' or 'sword art online' but who am I kidding, it'll be one fun ride if that becomes a reality see more
  • The Community has a new look!
    oo love the new look 👀👀 Seems more fluid and responsive when scrolling too see more
  • First impressions of Lenovo Legion Glasses!
    @SKYTRiXSHA I hate that we (people with glasses) need to find ways to use things like this or even cinema 3d glasses lol see more
  • Help with Buying Some Products
    @WadeStorm Tbh I looked in south africa and our range is 'meh'. I thought Europe would of costed more but i'll take a look at the france one that you mentioned. Thanks a lot! I found an i7 base model of the 7i in South Africa but the price is not worth it (Works out to just over $3000 instead of... see more
  • 🎮🕹️ What Ruled Your Screens in 2023? 🕹️🎮
    @UnapologeticDino Definitely has to be Among us during lock down. Played that more than anything with my friends lol. We ended up making a rule against using the words "trust me" because of a few incidences 😂 I miss playing it with friends and stuff, we need to bring it back Aside from that,... see more
  • Help with Buying Some Products
    Hey! I'm finally gonna be able to upgrade my whole set up (laptop, monitors, the works) but South Africa kind of lacks with a lot of Lenovo products as well as support/communication Personally I'm looking at the slim 5i or loq 4050 laptop with a few accessories like a docking station+ KB&M and... see more