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  • Gamers United
    LockOuty yo bro yea come over to my twitch its in my about section and schedule tab twitch is box13_ - - - Updated - - - LilySensei (Paty) thank you see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    lesggoooooo ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Gamers United
    Yo gamers come and join me for streams Monday to Fridays over on twitch my name is box13 and I'm a 21 year old south African content creator and streamer I stream a variety of games and would love for you to come join see more
  • Where's All The Gamers
    Hey gamers my name is Box13 im a south african content creator & streamer We are a massive Community within the legion and i would love to get to know you what is you favourite game where are you from who is your favourite streamer see more
  • Where is All The Valorant Gamers
    Calling all valorant Gamers i need more friends that play valorant i only started playing about 2 weeks ago but im hooked and getting better feel free to come join me over on twitch and play some games together see more
  • ARKLEGION Give Away !!!
    Hey Legion Gamers... Come and win some amazing prizes with us @thearkgamingsa @lenovo_africa To the value of R2000 How to enter 1. Be in @thearkgamingsa twitch streams see more
  • Lets Connect
    being part of the Legion Gaming Community gives you an opportunity to meet so many amazing people , streamers , gamers & make new friends come connect with us The ARKLEGION here and over on twitch win some awesome prizes and get to know the community.. reply to this thread letting me know... see more
  • What Game Is The Best
    QueenTomato definitely warzone hehe i love my fps games see more
  • Servers For Africa
    hey Legion Community for those that don't know me hi I'm box, I'm from south Africa and I'm a full time content creator do you think that we will in the near future see more African servers for the bigger games i know of some big and small but i would love to see every game have an African... see more
  • Join The ArkLegion
    Hi my name is box13 and I am one of the content creators for ArkLegion. I would Love for you Come Check Out The Amazing Streams on The ARK TV and even play with us Streams Are Daily and They have some surprises for you there. Twitch - The_Ark_Gaming ​​​​​​​ While the stream is... see more
  • What Game Is The Best
    At the moment we have a few top games ruling over the streaming and gaming community which one is your fav ​​​​​​​Warzone Fortnite Apex Valorant Minecraft I personally love them all this is why i am a verity streamer if i had to choose a NR 1 rn it would be valorant see more
  • Say hello to the Middle East & Africa Community 👋
    Hey Everyone my name name is box13 I'm from south Africa and i stream and create content full time. i mainly play fps games a lot of valorant lately. its is so nice to get a chance to meet you all feel free to reply and tell me about you Come Join me and my community on twitch for some fun... see more
  • Valorant. June 22nd. With G2 Gozen team. Who's joining?
    QueenTomato This Sounds Super Fun Im defs there im already playing valorant over on twitch so will love to join in DC B0X13-_-96#8880 TTV box13_ see more
  • To All Gamers Lets Connect
    We want to know more about you. We all are here to see what's going on within Gaming and to make new friends find new games today lets connect Hi I am francois . I'm 21 and from South Africa I game a lot but mainly cod & Valorant see more
  • What does Gaming mean to You?
    Antonis2108 gaming is what helped me through a lot in life and now I use it to entertain people and give them a save place to enjoy themselves and have fun see more
  • Where Are All My Valorant Gamers
    I recently started really getting into valorant but don't have that many friend who play the game What do You think about valorant ? if you want to play or even just watch me play you can find me here ​​​​​​​ see more
  • ARKLEGION is back!
    Tell your friends tell your neighbors tell Everyone you know to come Join the Legion Gaming Community and see what we are up to in the Gaming Industry. Use referral code "ARKLEGION" when signing up to stand a chance to win some great prizes #arklegion... see more
  • Question for all The Gamers ??
    Where are you from ? What is your favorite Game What is Your Preferred Platform IM From South Africa Favorite Game Is Valorant and PC is Master Race see more
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