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  • Legion Go testing and review
    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! - - - Updated - - - The battery is not too bad. I tested at 30w custom, 100% brightness and got 1hr 24min. I then tested exactly the same but with the legion glasses attached instead of using the display and got 1hr 35min. see more
  • Legion Go testing and review
    Thank you 💪 - - - Updated - - - @CandelaSynth thanks so much, yes it was my first time going on camera, takes a bit to get comfortable talking to a camera haha. yeah I’ve been testing the glasses for a week and a bit now, trying to figure out how to film what you see with the glasses is... see more
  • Legion Go testing and review
    Did a comprehensive review of the legion Go, feel free to check it out if interested. -covered a few tests: -thermal tests -fan noise -speaker/screen -performance tests on 4 TDP profiles. what’s your experience with the Go? or if anyone has any questions, I’m happy to give more info from... see more
  • A few tutorials
    @Maiky123 no problem! Glad it was helpful for you! see more
  • A few tutorials
    Hi all, I was encouraged to post my tutorials in here as some may find them helpful. they are beginner friendly, and should be pretty straight forward. check them out if they seem helpful to you or someone you know. Day 1 setup and optimization guide... see more
  • Hello all, glad to be here!
    I'm excitedly waiting for the Legion Go to add to my collection, and of course to get some gaming in. looking forward to learning more about the device and participating in a future AMA. I really enjoy handheld gaming, and am one of the many of us, who has way too many devices haha. I am a... see more
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