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  • Heyyya! New Legion Go + eGPU owner
    I've played a bit of Enshrouded so far, and I'm looking forward to playing Cyberpunk and Dave the Diver next, probably! :) see more
  • Heyyya! New Legion Go + eGPU owner
    Hey folks! I'm pretty busy this week, but I'll be back at it next week and share the details :) The short version is: I have a Legion Go + a Razer Core X Chroma, with a 7800 XT for the GPU. It was pretty annoying to set up the drivers (I haven't been a Windows user in well over a decade) as the... see more
  • Heyyya! New Legion Go + eGPU owner
    Hey folks, I've been a game (and game industry) enthousiast for a few decades (I'm in my 40s), but also a programmer (who owns a software business). I've just got a Legion Go (well, it's in the delivery truck as I write this) and ordered a brand new GPU (7800 XT) and a Razer Core X with the... see more
  • What's the first video-game you've ever played?
    I'm not sure which one it was _exactly_, but the oldest one I remember playing was Alley Cat, in the mid or late 80s, at my aunt's place. I also remember playing the first Prince of Persia at her place, but a bit later, IIRC. see more
  • Legion Go testing and review
    Were you able to put your hands on you eGPU? Can't find the video on your channel. Would love to see how it's going. Especially if you've got an AMD eGPU, which according to The Phawx was problematic at launch (no idea if that's still the case). see more
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