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  • What's your hobbies..?
    AviationGamerX finally found someone learning program 🥲 Home study or in university Nice games I like them to see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot you say the brain the key actually my brain can't think about what I need to draw + I meant if I tryied to draw or no it's be bad I am good with copying (I know it's forbidden on art world) see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot human can't be perfect but thanks 😅 ​​​​​​​But how to practice about it see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot ok i got it bro i have problem with make straight line xd see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot so it's not high nicotine? just smoke? ​​​​​​​Because my friend use one I guess 50% nicotine and he can't take same breath you do and he knows that's not healthy but he like it🙂🤝🏻 see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot amazing draw i guess you need learn me how xd BROOO you cant take heavy breath like that with this class of vape be more careful for you healthy see more
  • Can you guess the logo?
    GoLLuM13 your turn see more
  • Fortnite
    j7schultz it's amazing because they have amazing members and I guess all cm can say that DoctorEldritch ​​​​​​​right? - - - Updated - - - ITSKHALID ​​​​​​​Join our discord so when you want just ask and if there is one want will be easier to you and him see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DoctorEldritch if my memory is good Dubai not the perfect place to find mountain see more
  • #GameTogether - Fortnite (May 25th)!
    DoctorEldritch ​​​​​​​true see more
  • #GameTogether - Fortnite (May 25th)!
    j7schultz we are always here for homies So don't need to be thanks​​​​​​​and about playing with you after game night I mean I have no problem with it it's fun so why not see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot you really love vape xd show me on dm (I don't smoke or vape but it's interesting) - - - Updated - - - DoctorEldritch you need go to uae we have good mountain but the sun will make you cooked human before finish it see more
  • Can you guess the logo?
    DoctorEldritch as you like want challenge you got it 😝 it's not really hard but yeah see more
  • Can you guess the logo?
    don't need to be sorry ​​​​​​​And it's easy mortal Kombat see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    Dark8 don't need be like others to find your life fun just enjoy with it as you can 😅 see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    Each of us has a hobby that may be distinct from another and this makes each person special from another (its not the only reason or the main one but its one of them) Well let's start first I like to play sports from time to time likeWalking/Running Where you can play your favorite tunes - music... see more
  • ما هي هوايتك؟
    لكل شخص منا له هواية قد تكون مميزة عن الاخرى وهذا ما يجعل كل شخص مميز عن اخر (ليس هذا سبب وحيد وحسب ولاكنها احد اسباب تجعلك مميز عن غيرك) فل نتحدث قليلا خارج سياق الالعاب التي قد تكون هواية ايضا للبعض ونتكلم عن شيء اخر حسنا سابدا اولا احب ان امارس رياضة من حين لاخر مثل المشي حيث يمكنك تشغيل ما... see more
  • Computer Science
    Ok i dont know how to write this post but will try i am now grade 12 and start searching little bit about University major and with some help from Community mangers OursGarou and his friend + DoctorEldritch I guess I will go Computer science(for now its the only major feel comfortable with it) but... see more
  • استديوهات ارتكبت جريمة في حق سلسلتها
    أنا وانت جميعنا نملك لعبة مفضلة او نحبها كثيرا وهو شيء يتغير بنسبة لكل لاعب أي من ممكن أن تجد لعبة رائعة بنسبة لك يروها ناس على انها اسوء لعبة ولاكن يوجد هناك العاب اجمع الكثير على انها جميلة ،رائعة ولاكن شجع استديوهات تطوير تجعلهم يرتكبون بعض حمقات في احد أجزاء لعبتها او سلسلة ولعبة اولى في... see more
  • 🎁 GIVEAWAY: نقدم لكم 500 ماوس باد محدودة الإصدار!
    avillio nice to see you avillio by the way can i ask if your name form anime 91days hope for you win - - - Updated - - - JUST1ONE يسعدنا مشاركنك في حدث من احداث لينوفو و اتمنى لك فوز وتوفيق see more