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  • Loadshedding
    that is exactly what happens here, my job is to stream games and I have not worked in 2 weeks, i doont know what we are going to do. I feel so sorry for our country see more
  • cool stuff
    The more time I spent in the Legion gaming community, the more cool stuff i find!! see more
  • Loadshedding
    I have not played a game in over a week because we have loadshedding, meaning our country does not have power. I want to cry!! see more
  • Found a picture of my Gaming Laptop
    ​​​​​​​ see more
  • The new Warzone!!
    What do you all think of the new Call Of duty Warzone map? see more
  • xbox game pass
    So i did not know about the xbox game pass page in the legion community. Thank you legion, you are legends!! see more
  • Looking for a new game
    Good Day everyone. Im Gamersx3 and i am looking for a new game. I currently play Warzone , Fortnite and I love Fall Guys. What new game would you suggest. Exept for Apex please🤣 see more
  • Fortnite
    Good day everyone!! Just for interest: Who plays Fortnite here and do you play on keyboard and mouse or controller. I've recently started to try controller but its so difficult to aim with your thumb. No wonder controller players need aim assist. Please tag someone who can help with the best... see more
  • 3️⃣ Legion Friday: Competition #3 [Closed]
    i only find 4, still looking for number 5 see more
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