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  • PS Plus: free games for June 2024
    @GoLLuM13 That's nice, I may get a bit of a nostalgia trip out of that if I am lucky. see more
  • State of Play, May 2024
    @GoLLuM13 But you have a console, you did not try playing it there? see more
  • State of Play, May 2024
    I am hoping for some God of War Ragnarok on PC news or, better yet, a set date. It's about time, and there are hints and whispers all around already... see more
  • PS Plus: free games for June 2024
    @GoLLuM13 It seems you can play Streets of Rage 3 on PC, at least, you can buy it on Steam. I could try it, but I will not get nostalgia, in my childhood that series passed me by. I get nostalgia from The Lost Vikings or Ducktales... Ah, so it is more like Golden Axe? see more
  • Skull and Bones playable for free from May 30 to June 6
    Kind of like this? 😉 But in all seriousness, "I didn't find the experience unpleasant" is not something you'd want to describe an AAA game with. It's something you might say after going to karaoke or getting a haircut... Yeah, I get it. You're not alone, look at Hades 2, that's an indie... see more
  • PS Plus: free games for June 2024
    @GoLLuM13 But weapons aside gameplay mechanic wise they would be close? Defeating enemies while the screen scrolls, but close and personal? If there is no continuity then where does the nostalgia come from? Are there easter eggs? see more
  • Skull and Bones playable for free from May 30 to June 6
    @GoLLuM13 That's fair. But the game is so heavy. Plus microtransactions and no proper singleplayer. It is good that there are those who enjoy it ( @ramax maybe you'll share why? 😉), but I think I'll sit this one out. see more
  • Check out Lenovo booth at Elkjop Campus 2024 in Oslo!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Good news! This weekend, Lenovo had the honour of participating in the Elkjop Campus 2024 event in Oslo where some of the best devices were presented! Here is the booth before opening hours. No visitor rush yet: And here it is after opening. Presenting Yoga and LOQ... see more
  • #GameTogether: What do we play on the 30th of May?
    The tribe has spoken and we will be playing LEGO Fortnite. see more
  • Check out Frostpunk 2 interview!
    Hmm, I would not entirely agree there, but based on more of historical examples. Some poets and writers created some of their best works primarily out of financial necessity. Dickens is probably one of the most famous examples in English literature, or Pushkin, one of Russia's greatest poets. Not... see more
  • Check out Frostpunk 2 interview!
    @TrendaTen On one hand, I like it and find it exciting when game developers take tabletops or books and turn them into games, it is nice to see the lore and characters come to life there. But on the other hand, there is a danger of just taking from the world and not adding anything original, since... see more
  • Check out Frostpunk 2 interview!
    @TrendaTen I did not know that, but I am not surprised, it was a well-thought-through game. Looks very nice, though I hope that they have some accessories for the Generator, in the game it changed how it looked a bit depending on whether you chose to go down Faith or Order routes: Would I be... see more
  • May 2024 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 Nine Sols got released and seems to be doing well for itself, but it is not on GamePass, so I am not trying that out yet. Maybe after a sale or something. Ghost of Tsushima ate my budget for this month 😅 But also, another game that flew under my radar: Reus 2 is out: I know they... see more
  • PS Plus: free games for June 2024
    @GoLLuM13 I thought it was a fighter game, but I looked at the videos after you said it, and it is actually more of a scroller? Maybe something I could like. Is it close to Metal Slug? I like Metal Slug. It says that it is available on Windows, so I could actually try it. Does it have plot... see more
  • Skull and Bones playable for free from May 30 to June 6
    @GoLLuM13 That checks out. As someone who tried it, would you recommend? see more
  • Check out Frostpunk 2 interview!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Less than a month left now till Frostpunk 2 makes it to the release! And to fire up our expectations, check out the interview with Jakub Stokalski from Warsaw: Who is waiting for this game? Maybe @TrendaTen will support the home team? 😉 see more
  • Check out Beetlejuice 2 trailer
    @DracoTarot Hmm, not sure if she could really pull off Wednesday at her age, at least, not in the purest sense. A big part of the character's charm is that she is a little girl while harbouring all those views and ideas, I mean, in the original show she was 6, it's only in the films they made her... see more
  • PS Plus: free games for June 2024
    @GoLLuM13 Aside from not having a PS, I would not play those games on a PC either, but that's me. Still, slim pickings this time around, I think. But maybe SpongeBob fans will be happy. see more
  • Skull and Bones playable for free from May 30 to June 6
    @GoLLuM13 How is S&B doing these days, actually? I remember it not being too hot when it launched. Did they polish it up enough, or is this an attempt to bring more people in? see more
  • Warhammer fans, save the date: 23rd of May!
    @ChristianRasmussen I just wonder why it is the Summer Sale and not tied to something symbolic. Like solstice or something. That is good to know, I see that the Gladius Demolition pack already has a 10% discount there, even though it is brand new and has no discount on Steam. Though several... see more