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Привет! Я DoctorEldritch, и я состою в команде сообщества Legion!​​​​​​

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  • Кто будет смотреть Cyberpunk Edgerunners?
    Lalipamb Да, у меня был небольшой отпуск, ко мне приезжала любимая тётя! Поэтому на прошлой неделе я показывал ей разные местные достопримечательности, а она готовила мне разные вкусняшки. Но теперь я вернулся! Рад, что без меня ты с Aaricia познакомился! По концовке, мне она тоже... see more
  • Время вампиров! 🧛 Какая игра про вампиров самая лучшая?
    Привет, геймеры Legion! Начался октябрь, месяц чудищ, духов и всего страшного! Поскольку на этой неделе мы играем в Bloodhunt, я подумал, что мы могли бы немного поговорить о наших любимых кровососах всех мастей! 🧛 Конечно, можно много говорить об этом конкретном типе монстров, он один из... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    GoLLuM13 Oh, thank you for the advice, I'll tag him here! ninja3020luffy, any advice, how is your new monitor treating you? see more
  • Who is ready for Overwatch 2?
    How eventually are we talking, like "next month eventually" or "next year eventually"? 😉 see more
  • It's vampire time! 🧛 What is the best vampire game?
    Hello Legion Gamers! October has started, the month of monsters, ghosts, and all things spooky! As this week we're playing Bloodhunt, I thought we could spend some time this week talking about our favorite bloodsuckers in all shapes and sizes! 🧛 Of course, there is a lot to be said about this... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    GoLLuM13 Thank you for the reply, and no worries: although it is, like you said, a Lenovo Legion community, we're more about gaming and spending time together than products and, of course, you do not have to be a Legion/Lenovo device user to join in. So no problem at all if you want to recommend... see more
  • Who is ready for Overwatch 2?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Exciting news for all who play and/or love the Overwatch game. Tomorrow (4th of October) is the day when Overwatch 2 is coming out! Personally, I liked Overwatch for heroes and animated trailers, you could watch them like small cartoons (difficult to follow sometimes,... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    M2lobaz So, they are a bit like licorice candy then? 😉 see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    Thank you for the advice, but I already have a suitable laptop 😄. Me wanting a monitor is specifically for the reason that I want to experience games on a bigger screen, something that most laptops can't really provide unless they are very big, which comes with its own set of challenges. see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    ​​​​​​​And why is that? I heard they are better for shooters, I do not really do lots of those, but I know no more than that. What is your beef with curved? see more
  • WORD SEARCH: can you find 20 school subjects words? (85% Complete!)
    zutopo is killing it! Only 3 words left! see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    DracoTarot very true, I too take ages to decide, and by the time I do everyone I know is fed up with me because I keep asking them. I try not to do it as much here, though. But your journey to find a good monitor is impressive. Might not have been the smoothest ride, but now you have more... see more
  • Lenovo Legion Pro 2023 - worth the wait?
    They get better the higher you go, so, I guess, as DracoTarot mentioned in my post about gaming monitors, it comes down to budget somewhat. What sorts of games do you want to play? see more
  • #GameTogether - Gartic Phone 20 October
    Hello everyone 👋 @OursGarou and @Aaricia, will be playing Gartic Phone with you on Thursday 20th of October! When? Thursday 20th of October at 6pm CET Who can participate? see more
  • #GameTogether - Fall Guys 12 October
    Hello everyone 👋 ​​​​​​​ @LilySensei (Paty) and QueenTomato, will be playing Fall Guys with you on Wednesday the 12th of October! ​​​​​When? Wednesday 12th of October at 6 pm CET Who can participate? see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    DracoTarot Thank you, I have lists like that, too. My problem is, I know next to nothing when it comes to specs, so I am not really sure what to look for in a good monitor. Size and framerates are important, of course, but what else should a good one have? And I am also somewhat wary of those... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    @JokerZida Thank you! That may be a bit tricky, though, because stock is limited where I am, it is hard to see all options out there from this location, I may need to take a trip to a bigger city to see some monitors. But maybe if material is aluminum or something, it would be good? think that... see more
  • 🎃 Halloween & All Things Spooky on the Community!
    Hi everyone! The weather is getting colder, leaves are turning yellow and darkness falls earlier…. That can only mean one thing… October is upon us! 🍂 Here on the community, during the whole month of October, I’d like you to join us in conversations and activities related to Halloween &... see more
  • Bloodhunt: Играйте с нами в четверг 6 октября в 19:00 по Московскому времени
    Привет всем!Подходит октябрь, самый страшный месяц! В честь него мы решили начать с совместной игры про вампиров, и в четверг 6 октября мы будем играть в Bloodhunt, игру во вселенной Мира Тьмы! Когда? * В четверг 6 октября в 19:00 по Московскому времени 😎 Кто может принять участие?... see more
  • Spooky #GameTogether - Bloodhunt 06 October!
    Hello Legion Gamers! October is almost here, time for all things spooky! I thought it would be nice to kick off this spooky time with a game about vampires. Bloodhunt seemed like a nice fit to play with everyone, and it's free, too! So if you're up for some scary bloodsuckers next Thursday, then... see more