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Привет! Я DoctorEldritch, и я состою в команде сообщества Legion!​​​​​​

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  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - April 2021
    You're very welcome, nizar and j7schultz! Stay excellent! see more
  • Up to 75% off PC games - which game are you getting?
    DracoTarot I have not tried Matrix Awakens, but I did enjoy XCOM2 (though it is not free, but with a nice discount). Though with it, War of the Chosen expansion really does add to the experience, so best to get the version that has it. And they are available at discount, too. In the meantime,... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 26 May - 02 June
    Hello Legion Gamers! Every week throughout the year, Epic Games Store offers games for free! This week's free game is... 🥁 ​​​​​​​ BioShock: The Collection​​​​​​​ Experience the award-winning BioShock series. Journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across BioShock Remastered,... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 19-26 April
    DracoTarot Claptrap is fun. Did you try playing as him in Pre-Sequel? see more
  • Hi! It's me, Cato Alexander (RedswordGames)
    Greetings, RedswordGames! It was nice to play with you (and LockOut, j7schultz, and LilySensei (Paty) yesterday! I am DoctorEldritch, I take care of the Russian community here but, same as LilySensei (Paty), I like to visit other communities too. Thought I'd stop by and say welcome! see more
  • Up to 75% off PC games - which game are you getting?
    Ah, I feel your pain, DracoTarot. But if not Megasale, you can still grab games for free in EpicGameStore. This week it's Borderlands 3, and you still have 2 hours to grab it! You don't even need to download it to your PC, it can just stay in your account until you're all set to install it on... see more
  • Трещина на корпусе ноута
    Печально, AlexCh. Но вдохновляюсь твоей невозмутимостью. Помнится, как-то моя (тогда ешё) девушка поцарапала мне ногтем кнопку мыши на ноуте, так меня это так корёжило, что я отослал его в ремонт заменить кнопку. Но она была прямо перед глазами. Могу посоветовать связаться с сервисным центром -... see more
  • Epic Games Store MEGASALE
    Hello Legion gamers! Heads-up: EpicGameStore has a Megasale till the 16th of June! We can get so many games cheaper than usual. Even new big titles like Deathloop or Ghostwire: Tokyo! see more
  • Up to 75% off PC games - which game are you getting?
    @DracoTarot Yes, as @QueenTomato said, you can buy games cheaper and play them later when you're all sorted. see more
  • Любимый музыкальный жанр
    Привет, геймеры Legion! Давно мы не постили ничего нового в разделе Всякая Всячина, вот решили восполнить этот пробел. И начать мы решили с вопроса о любимом музыкальном жанре. Лично у меня это джаз, и об этом я даже расписал в отдельном посте. А какая музыка (не обязательно из игр) больше... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway!
    zutopo Exciting! Good luck to you! see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway!
    @GaiusEmil It does! Let's hope that you'll be the lucky one to get a mousepad to go with it! see more
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
    DracoTarot Ah, the age-old gamer problem: so many games, not enough time. But, at least, those games I can personally recommend. It's good to have choices. Personally, I take ages making decisions about hardware, it took me 2 years to choose a smartphone. But, if you're happy with the result,... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway!
    GaiusEmil Do you have a favorite Legion device? see more
  • Milan 21st of!
    Thank you Ken3cento! This is how we roll in Legion! see more
  • Milan 21st of!
    Hello, Legion gamers! As we shared with you last week, the new Lenovo Gen 7 devices were presented in Milan on May 21st! Even featuring the G2 Esports Gozen team! But Milan is far away. So to keep you all in the know, here's our compilation of interesting moments, compiled with the help of my... see more
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
    DracoTarot Interesting, I am playing Little Nightmares right now! After part 2 came out, I wanted to catch up. And I played both parts of Ori and the Blind Forest (I think the term is Metroidvania?) I liked the setting, but I enjoy such games in general, I loved the Hollow Knight (waiting for... see more
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
    DracoTarot I get what you mean, I am big into the indie scene personally. There are many charming little games out there that are short and simple but interesting. Although I am not sure if Skyrim is not a big-name studio. Narrative-based games can be good if you are after that from the start. I... see more
  • Доска Почёта Legion - Апрель
    Atreides Даже очень хорошо! Lalipamb вырвался в топ-50 с вопросом о Nerve Center, а тебе Atreides спасибо за общее участие! see more