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  • Love and friendship in comics
    Saka You seem to like dinosaurs in your choices. Any particular reason for that? see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Saka Sort of like Little Prince, he would sometimes watch sunset over and over by moving his chair on his asteroid. see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Saka I can't read that well under the sun, I need properly situated lighting. see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    Saka Hmm, how about... see more
  • What is the best Song about Friendship and Romance?
    Hello Legion Gamers! The Friendship and Romance month of February is gaining steam, and next in line is one of the most romantic and meaningful ways to express Friendship and Romance: songs! For what are songs if not the union of poetry and music, some of the innermost ways for people to express... see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Saka If you intend to nap, sure. But to doze off when you want to study is counterproductive. see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Saka I thought about the roof window too, but it is never shown, you're quite right. Still, only the roof window will still give very limited natural light. To each his or her own. I get warm and sleepy under the sun. I'd say in Ravenclaw room I'd mostly nap and would not get any learning done.... see more
  • Tea
    GoLLuM13 So then, the caffeine amount increases the more you go to the south? see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    Saka If the skeleton wants to feel more elegant, I'd suggest polish. And if it wants to feel comfier, then go for a skeleton hoodie. see more
  • Tea
    Saka That they do I do not use it all that much for this reason. Though, all in all, it is not that hard, washing it under a water stream cleans it up fine, but there is this notion of having to clean it at all that puts me off. With teabag, you throw it out and that's it. see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Saka I do not like big rooms like that with a lot of windows and open space. Imagine a sunny day, you'd have nowhere to hide from the heat. And during sunset whole room would be lit, which is, admittedly, beautiful at the end when the sun sets, and may generally be nice for the first 10 minutes or... see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    Saka Do skeletons need clothing, though? The pants would have rotted away, true, but so would anything that needed cover as well. see more
  • Tea
    Currently, I only have a tea infuser that looks like a little house: I must say, though it looks cute, it is actually not that convenient to use. see more
  • Tea
    Saka I sometimes think that, for me, it may come down to the gear, maybe I would be more inclined to get into tea if I had proper gear. I always wanted one of those Russian Samovars, but they are bulky and, if operated in a traditional way, need pines to be used as fuel. So that aspiration was a... see more
  • What is the best Friendship and Romance in Games?
    DracoTarot This is an interesting type of friendship there, to me, it always was more of a child/parent relationship. This is not to say kids can't be friends with their parents, I just mean that there is ore to this relationship than just friendship. see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    DracoTarot Do we know if Yorick is English or Dutch? Hamlet was written in Old English, but it's taking place in Denmark, where Hamlet demonstrates an uncanny recognizing ability capable of identifying Yorick from a skull alone (a bit creepy if you ask me). I wonder if comic Yorick's backstory made... see more
  • Tea
    GoLLuM13 How strong is this Maghrebine Tea? see more
  • люблю ритм игры и другие кроме гонок и на выживание
    fhfjdhfjd на выживание - это типа как Subnautica? see more
  • Hogwarts Legacy :immersive, open-world action RPG
    gohan do you know any rumors about possible dlcs they plan? The game looks good, but I usually do not play games like that until the GOTY edition with all DLC content included, though I am not sure if they plan any or not. see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    DracoTarot I know this is artistic freedom for Yorick, but those pants do not look a few hundred years old, people did not have belt holders back then, or flies or pockets. Which makes me wonder, where he got them from and why only pants? see more