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  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka When I was working in consumer behavior research (I do have a colorful biography), I actually studied nostalgia and its effect on consumers, and where they land on the scale of "Nostalgia-Novelty". The process is more complex, and objects can cause the resurfacing of nostalgic emotions in a... see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka I thought as a rule team sports have more competitors than single-person sports. You need a lot of people to make a team, and teams form into clubs, so hockey, football, and the like are popular, while martial arts only need one person, and while they can form dojos (or the kendo version of... see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    ​​​​​​​And Stranger Things is the proof. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka Ah, so both African and South American. Which one do you like better? see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka it's funny how we are talking about this just in the wake of the Dead Space Remake release. Lots of people have a lot to say about that and how the past was and/or was not better. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    @Saka I find it interesting you mentioned 100%, what for me is doable depending on the origin. For example, beans from Dominicana for me end up more acidic, so 75% is high enough, whereas Colombian ones are milder, so there I can go as high as 85%. When you say 100%, what is the origin of your... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    ZaidH I actually thought Kiryu and Majima scene, fanservice though it was, was not their first meeting at all, but more of a homage to Yakuza Kiwami where Majima frequently uses it. To me, I am sure they met somewhere behind the curtain before that, I am just annoyed that that first meeting was... see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka I am sure it's not it, but one could say it was due to nostalgia? Like TMNT or Shovel Knight with their antiquated interfaces play on the notes of reminiscence? see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 26 January - 02 February
    DracoTarot topdown shooters are not really my thing, but I like the macabre atmosphere. Not too Lovecraftian, though. Reminds me rather a bit of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombie mode, the "Shadows of Evil" map. Caution: zombies ahead! see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka I shudder to think what bullying methods they must have used on a kendo fighter 😅 It is interesting how this tournament is then a mix of luck and skill, I always find it curious to put activities on a scale where something is left to chance or not. Mahjong, for example, has a strong luck... see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka That's not very convenient, indeed. If the game makes you jump through hoops to play it comfortably, it does not look well for game devs. But at least it shows that they listen to the gamers. Still, makes you wonder why such a relatively obvious function was not added to the game from the... see more
  • WORD SEARCH: can you find 19 hobby subjects words? (13 words left!)
    Thank you Saka, j7schultz, and TrendaTen! 6 words are found and 13 are left! see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka Does it depend a lot on luck? I mean, you can get a stronger or weaker opponent by chance, or is it all about persona ability with nothing left to fortune? see more
  • #GameTogether - Fall Guys 09 February
    Saka No pressure, but we will be happy to have you! see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka Can you participate in that one, or are there some requirements that need to be met? see more
  • #GameTogether - Fall Guys 09 February
    A small update: we had a bit of change, and the game we will play on the 9th will now be Gartic Phone! see more
  • Не заходит в раздел питание в Lenovo Vantage
    Maxim123 А переустановка Lenovo Vantage не помогает? see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka Ah, that I never played. I wonder how World of Warcraft is after the update, I remember watching Liue playing at at one point and there is a new feature where you can arrange icons on the screen as you like (spells and so forth). I wonder if there is a function to scale and adjust size as well. see more
  • Suddenly...Rabbits!
    @Saka We can do bunny gifs as well. Here is a real bunny: Wait a minute... see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka Which ones, for example? see more