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  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @Saka Oh my, you're right! Thank you, I put the right month in now. see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    Hello Legion Gamers! Today is Monday the 25th of September, the start of the last week of the Month of Food. And incidentally, this day is also Cooking Day! We already started a thread about coking and video games, so this time thought it was time to talk about cooking for people who play... see more
    ¡¡Hola kombatientes!! 💪 El esperado reboot de la serie Mortal Kombat salió el 19 de Septiembre, y aunque no se escapó de la polémica (los jugadores de Switch estaban espantados con los gráficos…ainsss, ¡¡es que tampoco da para más la criatura!!), ha recibido buenas críticas en general 💎 Una... see more
  • September 2023 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 I am a bit sad about that. But not too much, I have a backlog. Besides, Cyberpunk 2077 GOTY is coming, so... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @NadaGalal Do you mean to say Sambosa in Egypt has many different fillings, or that Sambosa in Egypt has a different filling than in India? Before the day is done, here is the letter T dis, Indonesian Tempeh: It's soybeans fermented with a special type of fungus. see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @NadaGalal that looks good, is it made with onions perchance? For the letter S, here is a rice sponge cake dessert from Shanghai called Song Gao: Very nice with tea. see more
  • What is your spirit game?
    @DracoTarot That reminds me of a real event that happened to a police officer once: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    I promised @Liue the barley dish of my own when the letter R arrived, so here it is: Rassolnik! It is a soup made of pickled cucumbers, barley and meat. Supposedly a good hangover remedy as well, though I never needed to check that particular theory. 😅 see more
  • What is the best anime about food?
    @NadaGalal All those series are too long for me, I prefer shorter stories. Though I did start Dr.Stone, but I stopped once I saw how long it was going to be. Can you share any food pictures from there? see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 21-28 September
    Hello Legion Gamers! Epic Games Store continues to offer games for free every week, and the free games this time are... Out of Line A unique adventure game filled with beautiful puzzles all hand-drawn in a unique 2D style . Out of Line follows the adventures of San in a quest to... see more
  • What is the best anime about food?
    Hello Legion Gamers! As the food month continues, I remember promising @Saka a thread about anime. This is it! There are many anime about food. In some, the food is a guest, like in cooking episodes of Gokushufudo or overall location theme like in Wagnaria!!, while other anime like Food... see more
  • Legion Community Fictional Sports Crossword
    It is! It's called Lightcycle. Did you manage to guess anything else? see more
  • Happy Star Trek Day!
    @Liue That's a tough one, though maybe not exactly accurate, after all, those are 2 very different universes, united maybe only by the fact that space is involved in both. Other than that the premise and vibe are very different. I would not say I prefer one over the other, but if I had to pick one... see more
  • What is your spirit game?
    @DracoTarot You are now protected by a mighty owl. No wandering spirit would dare to invade. 🦉 👻 see more
  • What is your spirit game?
    @Evie It is kind of you to say, I actually played chess competitively a long time ago. I like the game, but I think the "gameplay" there does not change much, always following the same base of rules. Not really a bad thing and gameplay changes with an opponent, but when playing against a computer... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @Saka I wonder if you can really call Finnish version pancakes at this point, feels like they should be called something else, given the process is quite different from, well... I want to say "Polish-style pancake"? @Liue what say you? For today's letter Q then, check out the pancake version... see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    @Saka Poor Kevin, yeah. But don't worry, he got his happy ending. At the end of the series he becomes the owner and operator of his own bar where he happily serves his famous chili every day. And while Kevin may be a fictional character, the actor who plays him is not, and Brian Baumgartner is... see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    Also, this: Sorry, could not help myself. see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    @Saka I would guess they give substitution suggestions in the cookbook to give available alternatives for meats and plants that only exist in WoW? see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Continuing the theme of food, we need to remember that in addition to all the tasty and wonderful treats that can be found in our world, games also invented plenty of interesting fantasy dishes. Like GROB from Journey to the Savage Planet game: Though I would probably... see more