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  • TV news potpourri, part 2!
    @DracoTarot If nothing else, then as an experiment for sure. But I still hope it will have decent entertainment value in that format and not "be good just because it's different" like some try to. see more
  • Check out Beetlejuice 2 trailer
    @DracoTarot You may be surprised, it was warmly met in Cannes even. see more
  • What is the best game you played in 2023?
    @Saka Some people I read are making jokes about what people who are afraid of both arachnids and crustaceans should do? I found it a bit whimsical at first, but then I thought, they are rather similar in appearance indeed, so maybe there is a truth to that comment. True, but WoW should really be... see more
  • July 2024 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 I have not heard about that one. From what I read it is an open-world RPG, but is it MMO like Genshin or single only? see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    Indeed, though the second movie was a bit better for me than the first, they were still lacking. As for the game, well...ugh. But DC characters often do better in series formats rather than movies. Both Flash and Arrowverse held for many seasons (quality varying, to be fair) and things like Doom... see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    Same, when I stumbled upon it, I was "What, already? That was fast...". I am not sure, either they did not advertise that extensively (I think Edgerunners had more exposure, but they were also piggybacking on the game) or I got all lazy in the summer heat 😅 see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    Now you have something to check out if you run out of things to watch this summer 😉 see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    @AmrAli1 I think you're more mainstream than me. I am watching the third season of Hibike! Euphonium, I was in the mood for music. And before that, it was Yuru Camp season 3. A bit of a disappointment with that one: I like the premise (because I like camping irl 😉), but after two first seasons with... see more
  • Steam is having a Summer Sale!
    @Saka Not buying anything is a viable option too. Which one in the library did you start? see more
  • July 2024 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 seems Flintlock was not well met. Not a bad game, critics say, but it got a 67 score on Metacritic on average. Not too good... They say some mechanics feel out of place and while world-building is decent, character depth is not, among other things. Then again, I think Horizon Zero Dawn... see more
  • Check out Beetlejuice 2 trailer
    @DracoTarot by the way, again not connected to Beetlejuice, but I just saw this yesterday and thought that I should tell you: do you know about this? It's from Korea. see more
  • TV news potpourri, part 2!
    @DracoTarot then you may want to keep an eye on that upcoming anime, that's an interesting experiment, I think. see more
  • News for Fallout 2 fans!
    @DracoTarot hard to say with mods. But it is easier with them to a degree, often they are either in pen access or modders are not against some help (not always, though). If you have skills that could help, it may be possible to help speed the process along. And it worked very well for some people. see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DracoTarot One of the staples of classics is that they are made for the ages 😉 see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    Oh, and there is actually another anime that is airing right now, too. I did not include it with the other two because it is already out and not in the future, but still. It's Suicide Squad ISEKAI: It crept up on me, I did not catch when it started. And it's one mashup I did not expect. But... see more
  • Blast from the past for Team Fortress 2 fans!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A bit of good news for Team Fortress 2 fans! I hope we have someone here who still plays it. Some of you may remember we played it together for Halloween a while back. Those of you who like or liked the game may also know their humorous intro "Meet The..." videos for each... see more
  • The tale of a talented beet farmer
    Stories like that are nice for a change, yeah. 😊 Not just Nintendo... 😅 see more
  • The tale of a talented beet farmer
    @SKYTRiXSHA I'd say those can too be inspiring. Especially if there is a big gap between the game industry and those fields. I mean, beet farming is pretty far from developing games, so a leap like that is impressive 😅 see more
  • The tale of a talented beet farmer
    Hello Legion Gamers! Amidst all the news of studios closing down and developers being let go, it would be nice to have an uplifting story. Here is one for you: a tale of a clever beet farmer. Not so long ago a guy was born in Estonia named Eero Varendi. When he came of age, he decided to try... see more
  • News for Fallout 2 fans!
    @Hammad23 It is really hard to tell with mods. Take Fallout London that you're excited about: it was all up and ready to be released months ago, but then Bethesda released their next-gen patch, and the mod devs had to push it back because it did not work with that patch anymore. And they were... see more