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Привет! Я DoctorEldritch, и я состою в команде сообщества Legion!​​​​​​

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  • Embrace your second skin! Your chance to design your own sticker with Marvel illustrator @SalvaEspin
    The submissions are now closed! Thank you for your entries, Telomina, Chaoslock, FishGirl, SergiLopa, and SilentMonster! Stay tuned for the winner announcement! see more
  • gta v
    Hammad23 I only ever tried GTA 4. see more
  • the most game U R play it hard
    muhmaed50913333 Not the game itself, but a certain element in it in my case. Yakuza 0 has badly optimized Disco minigame, which was very hard for me because of bizarre controls that were impossible to remap. Problem is, you do not need to play this game to finish the main story, but you do need to... see more
  • Gta vice city
    Hammad23 I only played GTA 4. see more
  • rocket league
    Hammad23 Same, never tried. Is it good? see more
  • pc gameing or laptop gameing is better
    muhmaed50913333 When I was a student and working afterward, I used to travel a lot, so a laptop was better for me. Now I stay mostly in one place, but I still have a laptop. I am thinking about a tower PC though, the next PC I et will probably be that one. see more
  • valorant
    Hammad23 I do not think it is very accurate to compare them. Valorant is more in the same group as Overwatch and CS:GO is closer to PUBG. To me, they are not really in the same category. see more
  • gta remastered
    muhmaed50913333 I read the reviews and never even bothered trying to play that. see more
  • the best game story mod you played
    muhmaed50913333 Pathologic. Though it is niche and arthouse. ​​​​​​​ see more
  • luncher
    see more
  • Games
    Hammad23 How young are we talking? I am old enough now that "young" for me covers a decent chunk of time. 😅 see more
  • the best game with strong graphics
    muhmaed50913333 A bit biased here as I only play on PC. I want to agree with RDR2, but I also liked Yakuza Kiwami games. Great sense of immersion. see more
  • the most game U played
    muhmaed50913333 I do not have a game I play continuously. Used to be Sims and Skyrim, but it was a long time ago. These days I play the games I can finish, finish it, and am all done and never return to them again. see more
  • anime
    Hammad23 Neither, I prefer shorter series. see more
  • Gta
    Hammad23 I have not played GTA 5 yet, but GTA 4 was decent enough. see more
  • games
    Hammad23 Warzone, but only because I used to work on translating CoD games in the past and retained some franchise loyalty. see more
  • csgo
    Hammad23 We play CS:GO together sometimes, though we have not done that in a bit. Do you play alone or with friends? see more
  • Hey gamers!
    Nourhanafyouni I want to say I do not have a favorite game "of all time", I rather have favorites of different genres. PUBG is a Battle royale game, do not have a favorite there, but I liked Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt when we played it in October. Though it may be more because I like that... see more
  • Forspoken: Try the game for free on PS5 and PC
    GoLLuM13 Graphics may be impressive, but they alone do not make the game. This one has "Mixed" reviews in Steam, I rarely play anything below "Very Positive" (though I am planning to make an exception for Cyberpunk 2077 when that DLC expansion comes out). Then again, Horizon Zero Dawn is supposedly... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 26 January - 02 February
    Hello Legion Gamers! Every week throughout the year, Epic Games Store offers games for free! This week, the free games are... ​​​​​AdiosAdios is a cinematic first-person game about sticking to a complicated decision. ​​​​​​​ The description does not really give much, but from the looks... see more