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  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    DracoTarot very true, I too take ages to decide, and by the time I do everyone I know is fed up with me because I keep asking them. I try not to do it as much here, though. But your journey to find a good monitor is impressive. Might not have been the smoothest ride, but now you have more... see more
  • Lenovo Legion Pro 2023 - worth the wait?
    They get better the higher you go, so, I guess, as DracoTarot mentioned in my post about gaming monitors, it comes down to budget somewhat. What sorts of games do you want to play? see more
  • #GameTogether - Gartic Phone 20 October
    Hello everyone 👋 @OursGarou and @Aaricia, will be playing Gartic Phone with you on Thursday 20th of October! When? Thursday 20th of October at 6pm CET Who can participate? see more
  • #GameTogether - Fall Guys 12 October
    Hello everyone 👋 ​​​​​​​ @LilySensei (Paty) and QueenTomato, will be playing Fall Guys with you on Wednesday the 12th of October! ​​​​​When? Wednesday 12th of October at 6 pm CET Who can participate? see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    DracoTarot Thank you, I have lists like that, too. My problem is, I know next to nothing when it comes to specs, so I am not really sure what to look for in a good monitor. Size and framerates are important, of course, but what else should a good one have? And I am also somewhat wary of those... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    @JokerZida Thank you! That may be a bit tricky, though, because stock is limited where I am, it is hard to see all options out there from this location, I may need to take a trip to a bigger city to see some monitors. But maybe if material is aluminum or something, it would be good? think that... see more
  • 🎃 Halloween & All Things Spooky on the Community!
    Hi everyone! The weather is getting colder, leaves are turning yellow and darkness falls earlier…. That can only mean one thing… October is upon us! 🍂 Here on the community, during the whole month of October, I’d like you to join us in conversations and activities related to Halloween &... see more
  • Bloodhunt: Играйте с нами в четверг 6 октября в 19:00 по Московскому времени
    Привет всем!Подходит октябрь, самый страшный месяц! В честь него мы решили начать с совместной игры про вампиров, и в четверг 6 октября мы будем играть в Bloodhunt, игру во вселенной Мира Тьмы! Когда? * В четверг 6 октября в 19:00 по Московскому времени 😎 Кто может принять участие?... see more
  • Spooky #GameTogether - Bloodhunt 06 October!
    Hello Legion Gamers! October is almost here, time for all things spooky! I thought it would be nice to kick off this spooky time with a game about vampires. Bloodhunt seemed like a nice fit to play with everyone, and it's free, too! So if you're up for some scary bloodsuckers next Thursday, then... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    GoLLuM13 Thank you for the Amazon Prime heads-up! Did not know about that. I do not have Prime myself, I do not shop in Amazon as often to justify this, but my brother does, so maybe it is time for me to mooch off him in that respect. More so because the controller is not the only thing I need,... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Some time ago, I asked which controller was the best one to choose. Still deciding, and a huge thank you to everyone who replied, and I will make my decision in the next 2 weeks to align with Amazon Prime day (thank you @GoLLuM13!) or later on Black Friday. This is the... see more
  • #GameTogether - Bloodhunt (Thurs 6 Oct)
    Yes, indeed! October is almost upon us, and that is the spookiest time of the year! So to start it off, we thought to play a vampire-themed game! see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    MartinMu To be honest, I am not much into simulators like flying, but the feeling of deeper immersion does intrigue me. I'd want to wait for VR to be adapted from big RPGs or MMORPGs. It would be interesting to visit Fallout's Wasteland or Dragon Age's Thedas this way (not to mention The Galaxy Far... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    MartinMu Ah, I see. Well, it is still nice to have an option to use it if you ever want to. I find some Metroidvania games more difficult with a keyboard, not to mention I never once got anywhere when we were playing Forza 5 and I tried to do it with a keyboard, so I thought it'd be nice to have a... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    MartinMu That looks nice! And they are bigger than I expected, I guess you can fit both the mouse and keyboard on them. And it is nice to know you prefer the Xbox controller to ps5 one, too, if I see it correctly. I am still deciding myself, but I will have to make the decision by November to... see more
  • Runbow and DRL Simulator free in EGS 19 September - 06 October!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Every week throughout the year, Epic Games Store offers games for free! This week's free games are... 🥁 ​​ Runbow Runbow is the party platformer you've been waiting for! With tons of characters, costumes, and crazy game modes, Runbow is full of colourful chaos that... see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    ​​​​​​​That's awesome! Do you have a picture? see more
  • What's a good cartoon to watch?
    I watched this when I was a kid, I did not like it all that much back then, but that could be because I did not know English that well back then, so some jokes may have been lost. Maybe I should give it another go. see more
  • What's a good cartoon to watch?
    I've never seen that one, I have to confess. But it seems to be based on game series, did you play those games too, or just watched the cartoon? see more
  • Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway! (CLOSED!)
    MartinMu, that is correct, GoLLuM13 is exactly right! The mousepad is coming, all that's left is a bit of patience. see more