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  • Reality Manipulation (repost)
    @M2lobaz, this is a nice topic! But there is just so much to choose from. And games sometimes are made in famous franchises, for example, I'd like to try on the robes of Jedi (but, let's face it, I'd probably end up a Sith) in the Star Wars universe, but not just because of the game, I like that... see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    j7schultz Oh, I did not know that Interview with the Vampire was being made into a series, I'll need to keep an eye out for that, thank you! But I did not read any of Rice's books. But I do like how Bram Stoker kept the flair of mystery around Dracula, there is no backstory, no reveal of how he... see more
  • #GameTogether - Bloodhunt (Thurs 6 Oct)
    Oh, that is unfortunate, but we'll be happy to have you with us even so! When did you try to download it last? see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    ​​​​​​​@cyrusnimda Ah, Blade! Technically a dhampir, but fits here nonetheless! see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    @j7schultz Actually, I am more into modern classics-inspired movies and series, with a more classic Dracula (Van Hellsing version is good, but, so to say). As for the Underworld trilogy, did not really like it, to be honest. I found it to be a bit basic and too action-oriented. But... see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    j7schultz Yeah, I remember Angel from childhood. I am more into classic vampires myself, you know, castle, three brides, coffin with dust, the whole shebang, but I can see the appeal. Buffy certainly has! 😉 see more
  • #GameTogether - Gartic Phone 20 October
    j7schultz We are! Does not have to be spooky by design with this one, we can make it so ourselves! We'll be playing with a Halloween theme, and put in different spooky options to draw and guess! Sort of like when we did that Harry Potter night in Skribbl! So can still be plenty spooky, depending on... see more
  • 🎃 Halloween & All Things Spooky on the Community!
    Oh yes, these are exciting times! And some interesting game releases are coming up, too, like The Plague Tale: Requiem or Gotham Knights, this is going to be an exciting month. Plus the series, as you said, of course. see more
  • It's vampire time! 🧛 What is the best vampire game?
    I liked Vampyr, but I think they did not quite polish that mechanic of theirs. But as for Sims, which one are we talking? I liked vampires in Sims 2, but I have not played Sims 4 yet. see more
  • It's vampire time! 🧛 What is the best vampire game?
    You mean BloodRayne the game, right? Because there is also Bloodreign the anime, also about vampires. There are so many vampires people are running out of names! 😁 see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    I have not actually seen it, I'll need to watch it now! And what better time than this month, eh? see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    I guess it depends on the universe. In World of Darkness, for example, Kain is the most powerful one. But generally speaking, you're right, that place is usually reserved for Dracula. see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    Ah, so you are after vampires so classic they are vintage at this point, I see. This is a good choice, too! see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    M2lobaz Wow, that was fast, the thread's been up for only 20 min! So, a Van Hellsing Dracula, nice! Personally, I am a bit put off by his origin story there with him making a pact with Satan, but he is a good one! see more
  • Who is the best vampire? 🧛
    Hello Legion Gamers! Yesterday we started to talk about the best vampire games (thank you for joining, @M2lobaz!) But vampires exist not only in games, of course! And these days there's just so many of them, so much so everyone can find a bloodsucker they like most. 🧛 So which one is... see more
  • Кто будет смотреть Cyberpunk Edgerunners?
    Ну, может, тонкость в том, что именно значит "читать мангу". Я их не читаю почти совсем, кроме одной: Ванпанчмен. Потому что после первого сезона (который мне понравился) сериал сменил студию и просел, и вообще не понятно, что с ним дальше будет, но история мне понравилась (и она ещё не кончилась),... see more
  • Who is ready for Overwatch 2?
    Here is to McCree: see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    You deserve every syllable! As for resolution and framerate, well, to be honest, I never adjust those things manually, I usually go for the auto-determined option, so whatever settings the PC thinks the game would run best with is what I go for. Mainly because I do not have the technical... see more
  • It's vampire time! 🧛 What is the best vampire game?
    M2lobaz I looked into it, and it does look good, I get this "weird west" vibe from it. I found a video with 50 ways you can die there: There are other trailers out there, but I like the song in this one (ah, piano solo)! But I do have a question: Weird West is a style of its own with its... see more
  • What is the best monitor for gaming?
    ninja3020luffy thank you and do not worry about replies being long, there is a lot of good information there, and I do not get bored that easily, especially not here. On the contrary, I get bored when I got nothing to read 😉 But I found it interesting how GoLLuM13 (yeah, he is a true expert)... see more