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  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    @halonfire perhaps, but lack of contrast may make it a bit blurry for some. A matter of preference, maybe. Personally, I like the I commissioned some bees better with colours, it is more vibrant and you can appreciate the art style more. But black-and-white can have its charms. Guild of... see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    @halonfire Oh yeah! Makes me wonder if being black-and-white makes it easier or harder... see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    @halonfire I looked through Steam to check if there may be a digital version, but alas, could not find anything. Surprisingly. But there is that Hidden Through Time game that has something similar. see more
  • Game Pass : What's up on this second half of April 2024 ?
    @GoLLuM13 Thank you for this! A few interesting options for me this time around. I am downloading Harold Halibut as I write this, I was intrigued by the art style and creative process involved, with building sets in real life and then 3-D scanning them, so I want to try that out. Another Crab’s... see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    I know right? I wonder how the developers choose which pictures go in. Given how the game is made for small kids as well, I would not be surprised if it gave them nightmares. I have some childhood memories like that, we talked a lot about those back in October. see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    It is? Is there a link for that? Also, this reminded me of that Big Bang Theory episode: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    @halonfire That's a good point, I did not think about teaching kids with this game, it could work. The images are not as complex as with later games, "I commissioned some bees 2" has that scary one I would not show to children at that age: "I commissioned some bees 0" has a more... see more
  • I commissioned some bees 0 [STEAM]
    @halonfire Thank you for this! This looks similar to the "spot the difference" game by @ramax a bit. Though to be honest, I am not sure if it is very relaxing or not, the game claims to be, and I can sort of see that, but the sound effects alone keep me on edge. I like bees 🐝 and do not fear them,... see more
  • Do you play Solarpunk games?
    Hello Legion Gamers! There are games that warn us about how the future may turn out if we don't take better care of the environment. But there is also a whole movement dedicated to a more positive view on the prospects and future of humanity. The movement called Solarpunk. Those interested... see more
  • [GAME] The 14 errors on the image - April 2024
    @ramax Thank you for this! I spot some already, but I want to give others the chance first. So I'll just name one for now. Mario's belly button is a nice touch. Reminds me of Karlsson on the Roof 😉 see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    @Saka Indeed, especially if you want something cosy and light. I am playing Stardew Valley right now, after the latest 1.6 update, because it is very chill and zen and I need that right now. Endling is probably not as zen, but it is a great little game too. see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - March 2024
    @Saka When it comes to "food that is good for something", as in, "ginger is good for nausea" or "lentils are good for weight loss" or "fish is good for healthy skin" or something else of that kind, I always think that it would be nice to have a specific ratio. As in, you have to eat this many grams... see more
  • Big promotions at Frontier on STEAM: Jurasic World Evolution 2 75% off, Planet Zoo, Straded, Warhammer ...
    @ramax with Jurrasic World, I think it may come down to how you like that franchise and dinosaurs in general. If so, I think @UnapologeticDino may enjoy those games. I will stick to SpaceMarines, the Emperor and good ol Grandpa Nurgle 😅 see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    @Saka Ah, yes! The one about a fox with little fox cubs, I remember that! The developers of that game even gave the interview to our very own @CandelaSynth from the Spanish community back then, though you can read it in English too. Thank you for remembering it! And this game has a refreshing... see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - March 2024
    @Saka Health should always come first, it is good to take a break when you need it to feel better. Hope you can find a solution soon. On a personal note, have you tried including more ginger in your diet? It is known for its medical properties, personally, I am using it for nausea and... see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - March 2024
    Oh indeed, France is always coming out on top. Oh my, thank you for spending more time with us during your vacation! 11 hours a day sounds like a lot of work. see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    Hello Legion Gamers! It seems as if April just started, and we're already in the middle of it. Time sure does fly... Last week, we touched on the ways to reduce or repurpose waste, thank you to everyone who joined in for the advice and ideas. I set out to try some of them, but then the... see more
  • How can we reduce waste?
    @DracoTarot Good on you to have this new provider, hope it works out well for those who use it. see more
  • How can we reduce waste?
    @DracoTarot I would say it depends on your perspective. Owls as omens can be seen as both good or bad, connected to either wisdom or death (similar to ravens in a way), so it may be in the eyes of a beholder. Maybe giving them as a good-luck charm rather than just gifts, it may help. And if not,... see more