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Привет! Я DoctorEldritch, и я состою в команде сообщества Legion!​​​​​​

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  • What is your favorite winter weather?
    Hello Legion Gamers! First and foremost, a musical number to get everyone in the mood: Winter has only just begun, but some places are already covered in snow. Snow is such an interesting thing, on the one hand, you look forward to that first snow morning when you wake up, and everything... see more
  • Share a winter meme!
    Today I posted about winter weather, which reminded me of this little meme: ​​​​​​​Often it really does turn out this way, doesn't it? see more
  • Share a winter meme!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A merry month to all! December is starting, and before we roll full speed into the holiday season, let's start the cheer with some winter memes! Those can be about anything, a winter holiday, December in general, winter weather, anything to do with this season! All to... see more
  • What are your Winter Holiday traditions?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Wow, time sure does fly! It's December already! A merry month indeed, which means it's time to remember all the lovely holiday traditions, both national and personal. Mine are rather common, I think: I like to have a feast closer to New Year (those who share a... see more
  • DoctorEldritch is going away for a bit!
    Hello Legion Gamers! I will be leaving for a short 4-day time off this week. If you have any questions or issues, you're welcome to message @MoriMoonpaw, and I will be back and see you all on Friday! DoctorEldritch see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    It's not a bribe if it's from the heart! ❤ Tried it. I was disappointed there are no mods available, so I prefer Sims. I want to is the new white? 😅 see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    Saka I can picture it, yeah. see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    desolat1onpoint Nice, hope you'll have fun! see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    @desolat1onpoint The Long Dark does capture the feeling of frosty winter quite well! But I have not tried Death Standing yet. I liked the music, but I'll take your word for how it is connected to the cold snowy time. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    @Thruster Oh my. This is easier indeed, but it was a surprise there are so many variants out there... And I initially thought that percentage depended on the keyboard size, but it appears it depends instead on the number of keys. Learned something new thanks to you and @Saka, thank you! see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    @desolat1onpoint This week the game will be Among Us on the 7th! Are you up for that? see more
  • True or False
    Hello Legion Gamers! To make joining our Legion Lucky 9 competition a bit easier and more exciting, we thought of a game: T True or False How to play? Make a random statement about the next poster. That poster responds with either "True" or "False" and then makes their own statement... see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    If memory serves, witchers drank lots of booze during winter in Kaer Morhen. But to each his own. see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    MadCysero Interesting, we actually had a similar discussion about metal before in the previous music thread with Saka. Do you have any YT examples of hardstyle? see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    Kaer Morhen is always nice, but why do you associate it with December? Because that's where witchers spend winters? see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    Thruster There is such a thing as "a full size normal keyboard"? Huh. You learn something every day, I did not know there was something like a "keyboard baseline" against which other keyboards can be measured. see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    drbodyjr and Killermaniac, we will be posting leaderboards periodically so everyone can see how they are doing! see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    Thruster what do you mean "60% keyboards"? see more
  • Декабрьские зимние праздники в Legion!
    Привет, геймеры Legion! Погода все холоднее, в некоторых местах даже выпал снег, и то тут, то там появляются разноцветные гирлянды и украшения. Это может означать только одно... Декабрь наступил! ❄ Как и в прошлом году, в течение декабря, мы будем выкладывать серию тематических постов,... see more