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Привет! Я DoctorEldritch, и я состою в команде сообщества Legion!​​​​​​

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  • Romance and Friendship quotes and memes!
    Hello Legion Gamers! February is here, and with it comes the new month's theme: Romance and Friendship! And we will start with a light discussion on the subject. Specifically, a collection of quotes and memes about Romance and Friendship. Indeed, romance and friendship are universal, and many... see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka I want to give you a more detailed answer in your Tea topic when I formulate it, but in a short version, I like pure tea mixes better than infusions and complex herb mixes, and currently am leaning towards rooibos. So no. see more
  • Does your hobby have a game?
    Saka Interesting to see a game that features kendo and is based on the manga as well. Hobby combo with this one. see more
  • February: Romance and Friendship month in Legion Community!
    Saka Got any good ideas for this theme? I am planning the usual meme/music/films/games ones, of course, but maybe you have an idea for something in particular? see more
  • Embrace your second skin! Your chance to design your own sticker with Marvel illustrator @SalvaEspin
    Thank you to everyone and a huge well done for all of your entries! Telomina, Telomina, Chaoslock, FishGirl, SergiLopa, and SilentMonster! And mariabaila for the late submission! Thank you for the enthusiasm and support you’ve shown for this competition! But, there can only be one winner, and I... see more
  • February: Romance and Friendship month in Legion Community!
    Hello Legion Gamers! The hobby month of January is over all, and we're moving forward to the new theme. As we know, February is the month of love courtesy of St. Valentine. But love has many faces, from passionate to platonic, and needs not to be just romantic either. So the theme of this... see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka No, the first one is a professor from Germany 😉 I do not like licorice as a confectionary, but it can work as a spice with savory dishes for me sometimes if it is powdered. But as for proper candy, never liked it. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka Congratulations! You are the second person I ever met who likes licorice. I can't stand it. This is where we do not match, I am afraid. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka I find that the chance of bars surviving, in my case, at least, can be increased by buying them in bulk. If I get a nice month's supply of them at once, then even despite my personal efforts to eat them all, for the first week or so I have enough leftovers for an odd cup even despite indulging... see more
  • 24-часовой опрос - что вы больше всего любите в играх?
    Привет, геймеры Legion! Наступил последний месяц зимы, и команде Legion срочно нужна ваша помощь! Мы проводим исследование, чтобы лучше узнать наших геймеров и учесть их предпочтения в будущих устройствах Legion. И у нас есть вопрос: Что вы больше всего любите в играх? Удовольствие от... see more
  • 24 hour poll - what do you love most about gaming?
    Hello Legion Gamers! The last month of winter is upon us, and Team Legion urgently needs your help! We were very happy with all the questions you asked our team last month, and now we have a question of our own! We are conducting research to better understand our gamers in order to build... see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka I thought in a traditional method you do not blend the powder in, but instead, use a crushed chocolate bar and melt it with milk/cream mixture? I know some recipes call for adding the powder to the milk before adding chocolate, but I find that not adding it works just as well, and you get none... see more
  • comfy games recommendations
    MagdaAhmed If you are not against (very basic) painting mechanics, then I want to say Eastshade: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • What character in a game annoyed you?
    @Saka Hmm, I heard about Navi but not having that platform I never experienced her personally so, while I know the reasons for @GoLLuM13's annoyance, I was spared so far from first-hand experience. As for me, a good question, same as @thecorf, I'll need to give it some thought. I want to say... see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka Do you mean it like the hot cocoa or the proper hot chocolate, so rich you can't drink it but rather eat it with a spoon? see more
  • Baking
    Saka I rarely try baking, and when I do, it would usually be with my mother. Sometimes we bake gingerbread for winter holidays together. But I was looking into baking more often, especially after I got that air fryer, the one I mentioned earlier in the Black Friday thread. I have not tried using it... see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka I do not watch them either, to be honest, even the Squid Game. But I am aware of them, and that they like to build around specific concepts sometimes, similar to animes. Was no surprise that several have Kendo, especially when, as you pointed out, it is popular in Korea. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Saka I have to say, MoriMoonpaw would be the best one to talk to about coffee. I never drink it at all, never developed a taste for it. I chocolate. see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Saka Same with me and Nier: Automata, actually. I am currently so focused on the Yakuza series I have not played much else, but I want to play something in English before I play more games from Japan. I know that both Yakuza and Nier: Automata have English as an option, but it's the same as with... see more
  • Finnish Championships in Kendo
    Saka Hockey is popular in Finland, so much so it is sterotypical for some outside Finland to think of it that way, on par with Russia and Canada making the "hockey trio". In this case Finland lives up to the reputation, I see. Maybe it would be worth trying to appeal to the modern public through... see more