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  • The Ultimate Gaming Setup: Tips and Tricks
    gohan oh my... That sum is no joke. But, nothing is too luxurious for the buttocks, I say. see more
  • The Ultimate Gaming Setup: Tips and Tricks
    Juliaalaxandar I think that maybe what gohan means is that, rather than "not that easy", it is more along the lines of "not that cheap". Graphics cards alone cost a fortune these days... 🤑 see more
  • Can you guess which female character this is?
    GoLLuM13 Maybe Saka will know... see more
  • Can you guess which female character this is?
    GoLLuM13 It is! see more
  • Can you guess which female character this is?
    @GoLLuM13 I'll change the rules: no need to create your own after the guess, you can ask and guess as many times as you like. So I'll do one more: I am a supercomputer who knows what it's like to be a potato. Who am I? How about that? 😉 see more
  • Do you know any females in the gaming industry?
    Hello Legion Gamers! The month of Women in Gaming is two-thirds behind us, and I thought it is a good time to remember women not only as game characters but also as professionals in the gaming industry. And there are many different professionals out there, from developers and writers to voice... see more
  • Can you guess which female character this is?
    GoLLuM13 maybe JetStream is thinking of a particularly hard riddle that no one will guess? see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    Saka Ah, well, it is a bit tricky from person to person. I used to be quite good in tennis at one point, and trained a lot, to the point where my physician told me to stop because I was getting a disbalance since tennis is a dominant hand sport. I was told to do sports with equal strain... see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    Saka This is interesting, this "train till we all can't stand no more" approach, would it not make a session counterproductive even, with so much effort needed? Then again, I never really do any sports to that level of dedication, when I do it, it is for leisure. Biking, hiking and such, and never... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    ZaidH Good to have you back, even if just briefly for now, hope your tasks for Feb/March are going well! About Majima, I remember we mentioned how he has this "Jocker" quality of allure due to his lack of a proper past, so I think you're right. Gameplay-wise, I am not sure. It is good to... see more
  • Take a moment to love yourself!
    It is a nice image, though I wish it were in the present rather than past simple tense. see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    Saka There are so many plays and stories on this subject. And stories that play grotesquely around the matter, too, like Stanisław Lem's "The Eleventh Voyage". But inventing a word like that is impressive, so kudos to the play. see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    Saka I know nothing about how kendo sessions are normally set out, I'm afraid. But shouldn't there be downtime regardless, to avoid overexertion? see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    @DracoTarot That's Detroit: Become Human just waiting to happen 😅 ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Why use labels in gaming?
    Saka It is interesting how there are several ways to divide participants, and combinations thereof. As you said, there is a weight approach, not sure if there is a high approach if those extreme cases you described still happen. And then there is rank, and age, maybe, and gender. And those can be... see more
  • Women's rights
    What do you mean, is it good that they are competitive? see more
  • Tekken 8 : King enters the ring
    GoLLuM13 seems a bit too "luchador" to me, those moves feel like they are designed for showmanship, not actual fighting... see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    @Saka The process you describe is an intriguing one, and for some reason reminded me of the Psycho-Pass universe and that Sibyl System this universe has. Though Sibyl is not an AI, the principle of its work is interesting in connection with what you describe, when "for "approved" output there is a... see more
  • Dark and Darker un jeu pas comme les autres ?
    Salut ! Je vous présente aujourd'hui un jeu en cours de production, il s'agit de Dark and Darker édité par Ironmace. L'histoire :Une histoire complexe et immersive qui se déroule dans un monde de ténèbres, de magie et de créatures surnaturelles. Les joueurs incarneront un héros qui doit... see more