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  • News From Dreamhack Winter 2023!
    And it's not a metaphor, it really can happen with older laptops: see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    @GoLLuM13 I'd say I am more into Action-RPG format these days as well. Not that I distinctly dislike pixels or turn-based gameplay, it is just a matter of preference. I like some games styled as pixels, there are many good ones these days, Dave the Diver comes to mind, and I generally like tactical... see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @Saka Ah yes, they really are building that whole Mandalverse (or how is it called). I was very happy when they brought in Thrawn in Ashoka. Still not ideal, but better than what they did in Rebels. So it is gaining steam with, hopefully, more exciting things to come, I get your spouse. see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @Saka True, after that password-sharing gig Netflix pulled off, I can no longer share it with my brother, which is a pain. Disney+ is decent and Amazon has some good shows, but really, even South Park joked already about how there are so many streaming services right now that to watch all you want... see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    @GoLLuM13 Then for Final Fantasy what would be the good one to start, as in, the one that could showcase all that this series has to offer? While looking into it, I came to a conclusion that, not taking into account the school of thought that says you need to play in chronological order starting... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    If you managed to lift the veil and glance at the mysteries of running Chrome, then really, I am not sure how you can top that 😉 I guess LOQ really has no more mysteries for you now. see more
  • News From Dreamhack Winter 2023!
    @Gopliz 4th place is still good, and good luck when summer comes. And good on you to introduce your niece and nephew to gaming, seems both you and @Killermaniac take part in bringing up the next generation of gamers. How old are they? I am not @GoLLuM13 or @Saka and have no technical... see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @Saka Sad but true. I am thinking of not cancelling my subscription as well, after that increase in cost recently. This is doubly sad because the creators of this show say that if you viewers want the second season to be greenlit, then you need to watch it and do it ASAP so that numbers would... see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    @GoLLuM13 That is a nice list. Though, in my case, I have to admit that I have not played that many of these games yet, in fact, Hogwarts is the only one on the list that I played so far. With all the waiting for GOTYs and Ultimates and discounts and all. So out of those, Hogwarts aside, I'd... see more
  • Just a few hours left until Dragon’s Dogma 2 Showcase!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A reminder for all Dragon’s Dogma fans out there: just a few hours left before the showcase of part 2! And that's also when Capcom should announce the exact release date: right now PEGI estimates it on 22/03/2024, but that remains to be confirmed. So if you're waiting for... see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    I liked Hogwarts, but still found it lacking, I think it needs more drama and depth. But that's me, ever the critic. Still, I wish Obsidian had a go at it. Maybe someday. I guess I'd still vote for it, but I think they want to make it a trilogy anyway, so here is hoping that by the end of it... see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    @GoLLuM13 Indeed, and if you want, you can also nominate some games on Steam for their own award, the link is in the main post or here. With The Game Awards, we can only vote for candidates picked for us now, but Steam allows you to actually nominate games, too. But if you want to do it, then... see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    Got a bit of a scoop today! While The Game Awards decided not to show what the leaderboard looks like right now, some crafty gamers managed to compile the leaders! Here they are: Baldur's Gate 3 is in the strong lead, which is no surprise (though I have not played it yet). And it is nice to... see more
  • News From Dreamhack Winter 2023!
    What about the rest of our lucky winners? @Thaimat @Cysero @Moon2 @markmark @uptjackmalo @Gopliz @emel0256 @Orozin @Lucid2, got any Dreamhack news to share? see more
  • News From Dreamhack Winter 2023!
    @Killermaniac Thank you, I will be looking forward to them! see more
  • Know a good film about Mars?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Today is Red Planet Day, and we commemorated it by remembering games featuring Mars! But Mars is not only featured in games but also in many films and series, from the budget wackiness of Mars Attacks to a more realistic vision of Expanse. Mine is a relatively simple and... see more
  • Know a good game about Mars?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Today is Red Planet Day! It was on the 28th of November back in 1964 that NASA launched Spacecraft Mariner 4, the first craft ever (that we know of) to reach Mars. And since then, this day is commemorating one of Earth's closest celestial neighbours. And who knows, back... see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @Saka the smuggling aside, talking about tsuba, I wanted to ask you, have you watched "Blue Eye Samurai" yet? It was released at the beginning of this month. I watched it last week and it made me think of you, with all the sword fighting and the dojo part from the first episode. Even though it... see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @DracoTarot I like Bormor, his tales remind me of Pratchett (though, of course, Sir Terry was an unrepeatable genius), but all of his stories are quite short like that, so it is possible to quote and share them. see more
  • What is the weirdest gadget that you know?
    Hello Legion Gamers! The world is filled with unusual and bizarre gadgets these days. It seems that developers are in a race to create gadgets for just about anything you can imagine. From the eyebrow printers that print them directly on your face: All the way to domestic urine... see more