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  • Saka's CI art
    @Saka Best of luck! I like your usage of purple, that shade is my favorite out of prime 6 colors. I would vote for you if I could, but I do not have a FB account. But I'll root for you from the benches. When is the deadline for the competition? see more
  • Legion Sci-fi and fantasy crossword
    @DracoTarot, @Saka, @Inyeon, @j7schultz, and @GoLLuM13, there are only 2 days of May left, and only 2 words of crossword left as well, so here is Tier 3 (final) hints for the remaining ones: 7: The bosses of this game where you get to play as the bad guy commanding 4 types of goblin-like minions... see more
  • Design your own sci-fi or fantasy vista competition!
    @Saka That is true, but we'll get there, I hope. Does not make your win any less deserving, though. see more
  • Calling all Warhammer 40K fans!
    @DracoTarot Whatever way you think is best. I just wondered if an emulator demanded so much power that HDD could not handle it. Or was it just coincidental? see more
  • Design your own sci-fi or fantasy vista competition!
    The competition is now over! And @Saka wins by both talents and by default this time. see more
  • End of May Game Harvest!
    @Inyeon Ah, I see. My philosophy is in reverse, I only play games after all DLCs and patches are out, but your approach is valid. I wonder if Miasma Chronicles will have any DLCs... As for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K (I am mostly into the latter, though), true, there are many games now. I'd say... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 25 May - 1 June
    @DracoTarot That was an interesting read, and kudos to SONY. Though it makes me wonder, the article is from a composer source, so it does look biased a bit. That is to say, of course, there is an ongoing problem with royalties and how the game industry works, and not only where the music is... see more
  • Who is the best Dracula?
    If only that, recently there's been so many cancellations for no obvious reasons. I can see how 1899 would be canceled as directors were not given the money to tell the whole story like they were with Dark, and I can sort of see why Westworld would fall short of getting its fifth and final season... see more
  • Who is the best Dracula?
    @j7schultz Gerard Butler is a good vampire, but to be honest, I did not really see him as Dracula, he is a bit too... young, I think, for that character. He represents a different archetype of a vampire with his youthful look. It's like Gerard Butler is Toreador and Dracula is Tzimisce (which he... see more
  • Who is the best Dracula?
    It's interesting you see it like that, I know the opinion that Sir Christopher Lee portrayed Dracula so well and so often that many saw it in reverse: not "Dracula from 1970 is Saruman going through an edgy phase", but rather "Saruman is an older mature Draculawho read "Vampire Guidelines" (one of... see more
  • Calling all Warhammer 40K fans!
    @DracoTarot Why did you need to use EMU files, both games are optimized for PC, you do not need to emulate them. HDD communicating with the Apache chief is unfortunate. But shouldn't you be able to get your games again from Steam or EGS or whatever platform you're using most often after you fix... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 25 May - 1 June
    @DracoTarot I agree. And it is sad that most inspiring examples of studio/artist collaboration seem to happen n a more holistic basis. Like Jack Black singing for Double Fine Studio because he and Tim Schafer are good friends. It is rare for bigger studios to have a collaboration of this level.... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 25 May - 1 June
    @DracoTarot It may be a bit hard to do on an official level where musicians and Fallout are concerned, after all, in the game universe lore, Fallout can only really use songs from a specific time period in history, "before the bombs fell", so it is limited in how much they can use and copyright and... see more
  • Calling all Warhammer 40K fans!
    @DracoTarot I got that impression too. And they didn't have Goth Kids in the regular show for quite some time, too. But they were featured in both of the games South Park made, "The Stick of Truth" and "Fractured But Whole", in the latter game's DLC "From Dusk till Casa Bonita" you even get to... see more
  • Who is the best Dracula?
    @DracoTarot There's always something else with the number of shows that get released these days. Too bad almost as many shows get cancelled. And then there was that Disney+Hulu purge on the 25th, too... So the challenge is to find a show that is either finished or is sure to reach its planned... see more
  • Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!
    @Saka That part about Tchia made me remember the old quest game called Edna & Harvey - Harvey's New Eyes. There a young girl protagonist has a selective vision that makes sure her young mind would not be traumatized by any disturbing things she encounters: Though can't really relate to motion... see more
  • Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition
    @xuser23 Then one thing to remember is that there are many good mods out there by now. When Obsidian was developing the game, they were rushed and had to cut a lot of content out (the game was made in just 18 months if you can believe it). There are mods that restore that content, one even from the... see more
  • Calling all Warhammer 40K fans!
    @DracoTarot Incidentally, as Goth Day was this week and talking about South Park, what do you think about how it presented Goths back in the day? South Park is all about stereotypes, and that particular Goth-centered episode was seen by many as lacking depth, but as you like South Park, I... see more
  • Who is the best Dracula?
    @DracoTarot So not a fan of What We Do In The Shadows then, I take it? see more
  • Calling all Warhammer 40K fans!
    @DracoTarot I like South Park, though I think it's been slipping after Covid. Not enough episodes in a season for me. see more