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  • Dragon Age Dreadwolf is changing name
    I looked deeper into it after you told that, and it seems that it is not quite as tragic as all that: "The sizes as shown include the full installations of Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, Warzone and all relevant content packs, including all localized languages combined which is not... see more
  • Metallica is coming to Fortnite!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Good news for all Metalica band and Fortnite game fans! The band is going to be featured this season starting tomorrow (13th of June) with upcoming events featuring 6 of their hit songs. Here is a taste of what's to come: ​​​​​​​@DracoTarot, this post might be of... see more
  • DUNE AWEKENING : New cinematography and a live show on June 20!
    @ramax I did not mean to say that it will be bad, but I am still always cautious when it comes to MMOs. Especially with Bethesda, I mean, yes, they can be creative, but how long did it take them to bring Fallout 76 up to par again? I wouldn't want that for Dune, and Funcom does have a better track... see more
  • Like a Dragon Yakuza is getting an Amazon series!
    @ZaidH It's a gamble. Amazon can make good series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and...well, series like The Rings of Power. But Yakuza has such a loyal, even if niche, fanbase that going against canon is almost dangerous even. Let's hope they are careful with it. True, but both Invincible and... see more
  • Like a Dragon Yakuza is getting an Amazon series!
    @ZaidH Yeah, it's some Shakespearian stuff right there with the names. But seeing as how Ryoma looks and sounds different from Kiryu, I'm guessing that they are not that bothered with the actor's voice or looks when casting. I wonder what will be the deciding factor then. Heck, they may even get... see more
  • Spam on the forum: ADMIN take the right decisions!
    That's one of the ways to help, yes! see more
  • 6th-10th of June: all events!
    @DracoTarot Is Amazon the only way to get it in SA? see more
  • Summer Festival for Games 😎🌞 #summergamefest
    @JokerZida To my despair, I did not manage to watch it live, nor any other showcases from the list. Had a previous engagement on the 8th of June. So now I need to catch up, but it is taking me a long time, I mean, Summer Fest alone is 4 hours, and there are so many more... ​​​​​​​Did you like... see more
  • Dragon Age Dreadwolf is changing name
    @DracoTarot It is promising to be very big and demanding. I'll wait for all DLCs to come out as usual, though. That'd be a few years, I'm guessing. see more
  • Like a Dragon Yakuza is getting an Amazon series!
    @ZaidH I think Wei Shen would need to be of Chinese origin, though. There should be someone there who'd fit. But Ryoma, I think, would make a terrific Ryo Hazuki. I mean, even their names! Missed opportunity right there if I ever saw one 😅 Was that Goro Kishitani (names again, see! It checks... see more
  • Like a Dragon Yakuza is getting an Amazon series!
    @ZaidH Let's hope Majima even makes it into this thing, it is said to be "loosely based" on the game. I think it is more likely that he will, but you never know. But as for casting, honestly, Ryoma does not tell me much besides his visual appearance, I don't think I've seen any of his other works.... see more
  • #GameTogether - Overwatch 2 on 13 June!
    Hello Legion Gamers! We will be playing Overwatch 2 on Thursday, 13th of June! ​​​​​​​ When? Thursday 13th of June at 18:00 CET (5:00 pm UK time) see more
  • Dragon Age Dreadwolf is changing name
    @DracoTarot To be fair, they only changed the instalment title, not the series title. It is still Dragon Age. If the Mortal Kombat analogy were to be applied, then instead of changing it to something else, like Kombatant Mortality, they'd change the latest Mortal Kombat 1 into something like Mortal... see more
  • DUNE AWEKENING : New cinematography and a live show on June 20!
    @ramax The trailer is certainly exciting, but I am cautious. MMO is a tricky format to work with, especially in a setting as grand as this. Didn't work out ideally for Star Wars, for example. Maybe Dune will luck out (especially as another movie is coming), but I wish Dune would go the same route... see more
  • Game Pass : What's up for the first half of June 2024 ?
    @GoLLuM13 Peculiar selection this time. I may try Octopath Traveler. I hear it has good reviews, but the style is not really my thing. But if it is included, I may give it a go, maybe I'll get used to it. The Callisto Protocol could be exciting but may be too scary and, more importantly, it was... see more
  • Check out Arcane: Season 2 trailer!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Just last week, Netflix released a preview of their upcoming animated shows. And now, they have taken it one step further for Arcane and released a proper trailer for the next season, check it out: I liked the first season so I will be waiting for this. But I wonder... see more
  • Game Pass : What's up on this second half of April 2024 ?
    @GoLLuM13 I guess we'll have to wait and see if this starts a trend or will remain an isolated case... see more
  • Check out Beetlejuice 2 trailer
    I would not mind someone else filling her role if the new person was better, but that almost never happens when actors change. Look at Witcher, for example. Even with Doctor Who I liked them less and less since Tennant (I do not really watch Doctor Who anymore...). The one time where I thought the... see more
  • Dragon Age Dreadwolf is changing name
    @DracoTarot I dunno, I guess changing game names in the middle of development is a thing now... Did you manage to watch their presentation yet? see more
  • Hogwarts Legacy : Bad news for PS4 and Xbox One players
    @GoLLuM13 Well, as you say in your neck of the woods, c'est la vie... see more



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