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  • Nordic Legion Fortnite Tournament stream!
    Hello Legion Gamers! The first Nordic Fortnite Tournament round will happen tonight at 19:00 Norway time! The second round will take place tomorrow at 19:00 Norway time, and the final with grand prizes will happen on Sunday at 19:00 Norway time! You can watch it, by following this link to... see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DracoTarot oh, the remake will still happen, Alkemia Interactive is taking care of that. But the "author" studio that initially incepted the game is, sadly, gone. see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 11-18 July!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Epic Games Store offers games for free every week. This week, the free game is... Floppy Knights Tactics fuse with card game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor & her robot-arm bestie, square off in turn-based battles. Select your Knights,... see more
  • Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors 😒
    We're not at teleportation yet, we need Scott Montgomery for that. But some form of VR compatibility is within the realm of possibility. see more
  • OpenDNS is the end in France! (Following the censorship obligation)
    As for this part of your initial post @ramax, I did actually find a meme that fits today: 😉 see more
  • OpenDNS is the end in France! (Following the censorship obligation)
    That may be it. In Russian, there is a meme that I could not find in a picture format, but it goes something like this: "As you look into any problem long enough, you will inevitably begin to see yourself as a part of that problem" So yeah, human factor is the root of all. see more
  • [Guide] How to install or update OptiFine 11.8.2 on Minecraft for prettier graphics
    @ThebigCraft That may depend on what you mean by "low end computer". What are your specs? see more
  • What is the best game you played in 2023?
    @Saka Bit of an old topic, but I just read an interesting tidbit of news: it seems that more games are thinking of anti-spider measures. Blizzard shared a plan to do that in your favourite World of Warcraft, they decided to replace spiders with crabs: Curious to substitute arachnids with... see more
  • Who is ready for Fallout London?
    A bit of good news, there seems to be some movement here: So this mod may see the light of day soon. see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    Hello Legion Gamers! A bit of sad news: Piranha Bytes, the studio most famous for making the Gothic game series, has closed down. PB was a part of Embracer Group (who shut down several studios lately), but the support they could spare only lasted until the end of June. So we're unlikely to... see more
  • TV news potpourri, part 2!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A bit of news (both good and less so) from the realm of TV series! To start with, a bit of unfortunate news for the fans of Horizon: Netflix cancelled the plans to move forward with the series based on Horizon Zero Dawn: But the reason behind this is more sinister... see more
  • A new BENCHMARK! Basemark announces Breaking Limit, a cross-platform ray tracing benchmark
    @ramax I wish there was some ambient music to go with this. That would make it more relaxing for me, I think. see more
  • Metallica is coming to Fortnite!
    I would not say every, with Fortnite it makes sense because it is so big and multi-faceted. But some games are specialist. Tropico has those Hispanic rhythms, for example: The vibe of the game would not fit metal music. Similarly, jazz music would not work for Hellsinger but works very well... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 4-11 July!
    It's not, it is available on several platforms. The Xbox logo is there because it is the trailer that I found. Sorry for the confusion. But as it is free on EGS this week, you can get it and no Xbox is required. 😉 see more
  • Nordic Legion Fortnite Tournament is coming!
    And when you're posting your Fortnite nicknames, please do not be alarmed if your post does not appear right away: our spam filter sometimes takes a bit of time to approve the new posts. Safety first! Rest assured your post is registered and will appear shortly! And if in doubt, drop me a message! see more
  • Nordic Legion Fortnite Tournament is coming!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Summer is in full swing and to celebrate the middle of it, and so that you all get a chance to Reach Your Impossible, we're happy to announce the first Nordic Legion Fortnite Tournament! It will be hosted and commentated by our wonderful host @FjOlsenFN! To enter,... see more
  • W jakim innym kraju chcielibyście mieszkać i dlaczego?
    Hej wszystkim! W dzisiejszych czasach podróżowanie i odkrywanie obcych krajów stało się bardzo przystępne - wystarczy zebrać fundusze, po czym wsiąść w samolot, który przeniesie nas choćby i "na koniec świata". Dzięki tej możliwości odkrywamy nowe miejsca, a czasem przenosimy się do nich na... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 4-11 July!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Epic Games Store offers games for free every week. This week, the free game is... The Falconeer Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird, explore a stunning oceanic world and engage in epic aerial dogfights, in this BAFTA nominated air combat game from solo... see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - June 2024
    Hello Legion Gamers! June is over, Summer is in full swing, and it is time for the Medalboard! 😎Every month we have a medal board where members collect points by engaging in the community. (Check the bottom of the thread for more details)! Remember, the more you engage in the community, the... see more
  • Assassin's Creed Shadows premiere!
    cough-Cyberpunk 2077-cough 😉 I think that here it may come down to the developer team. There are good indie games that are made by teams belonging to and passionate about their cultures like Tchia. But Ubisoft is a game-stamping behemoth made of, as they let us know in every AC game, "a... see more