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  • My Fascination with Tarot
    DracoTarot I did not know that, but I deliberately kept myself away from any news about Cyberpunk 2077, I am waiting for that big DLC to come out. I read that they will only have that one big expansion, so when it is here and turns the game into GOTY, I will play it. Then I will be able to look... see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    Saka It would be sad times indeed if gaming becomes a luxury. Gaming is a basic human right, I say! see more
  • Anyone up for Diablo IV beta?
    Hello Legion Gamers! The new (and anticipated!) Diablo IV is coming out and between the 24th (today) and the 26th of March, you can download the beta to try it for FREE! Download it here! To be honest, Diable was never a game for me. I did try Diablo 2, but it did not really captivate... see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    DracoTarot I think they have minor arcana as well, but its role is much smaller, minor arcana cards act as upgrade symbols that you can gather as you fight your way through game dungeons. They are not as intertwined with the characters as major arcana is. Not sure about Persona 5, though. see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    Saka ...yet. But the inevitable march of technology will not be stemmed. First VR, and in a decade, who knows... see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    Saka I could be wrong, but I think phobia is more of a disorder than just fear. Fearing insects and spiders due to allergies is rational and actually healthy. But being phobic about them is more mentally taxing. So if you do not have a strong aversion to them, then it should be fine. see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    DracoTarot I recently came across a nice addition to this thread. ZaidH and I were discussing Yakuza games for some time, but we're currently taking a break. So to fill that "Japanese game" segment in my gaming, I turned to the Persona series and started with Persona 4 Golden: This is a more... see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    @Saka Oh my, I am sorry, I should have been more clear. I meant to say, in Hollow Knight, characters are bugs and modeled after bugs. Not that the game has bugs as in errors in code. 😅 Hollow Knight bugs are nicely drawn, but as they are bugs, some people may find it upsetting, particularly... see more
  • Introducing LOQ notebooks and towers!
    DracoTarot I want my next PC to be a tower. I am currently using a laptop, but my current lifestyle is better suited for the tower, I think. I do not carry laptop out anymore these days. see more
  • Introducing the new Lenovo Legion Slim Series!
    @DracoTarot Do you prefer laptops over towers? You mentioned you like LOQ tower as well, but out of the 2 of them, which one would you go for? see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 23-30 March
    GoLLuM13 Yes, indeed, thank you for pointing that out, I failed to mention it! Though to be honest, this game is not too appealing to me. May be interesting for those who have VR sets and it is visually impressive, but I am just not a chess guy. see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    DracoTarot I have not seen it because it is a bit too horror for my taste. But I have seen Ex Machina back in 2015. But on the subject of harassment in games, bots these days can be quite sophisticated. I wonder if there is any data on whether bots become targets of harassment too? see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    j7schultz Oh my. Then, I guess, it may be a nice game to see if you like this type of game, to try something new? For future reference. see more
  • Will you play Tchia?
    gohan not sure why they went with this 30 FPS decision. Could be that the studio is indie and could not afford 60FPS yet and will add it later, I dunno. see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    j7schultz That depends on how you like Metroidivanias and roguelike games. Have you played Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy, or Hollow Knight? see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    JetStream a bit, but there are subtle differences. Little Nightmares did try to be scary, it seemed to me. Here they try to be amusing instead rather than spook you. see more
  • Hi all !!!
    kosharik666 Добрый день! Раздача ключей Xbox была для участников из стран Среднего Востока и Африки, и она закончилась до Нового Года! see more
  • Has anyone else tried Have a Nice Death?
    Saka That's a bargain, good for you! I hope you don't mind bugs! see more
  • Мартовский конкурс: Придумайте своего женского игрового персонажа!
    Ответ всего один, зато какой! Спасибо Alleximus за такое креативное и подробное описание! Deceive Inc. ваш! see more