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  • Hi, I have a Legion 5 AMD ryzen 5 with an RTX3060, and a self-assembled desktop PC (Ryzen 7 - RTX3080 - 32GB 3200) ​​​​​​​I use Kali and Ubuntu mainly, Android X86 a few times. I also use Windows with WSL. I had tried wine and proton a long time ago, but was not satisfied with the... see more
    15-10-21, 15:45
    2 replies
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  • Hi Alex, Are you sure to be in performance mode? and not in quiet mode? (in my legion 5, the shortcut is fn+q, the led become red. if it is blue you are in the quiet mode, if it is white, it is the balanced mode.) Do you have your GPU displayed (not the graphic integrated) in the task manager... see more
    15-10-21, 15:02
    2 replies
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  • Replied to a thread Ubuntu in legion 7
    Hi everyone, ​​​​​​​ Be sure that your USB key is formatted in GPT with rufus to start in UEFI, you can disable secure boot if it does not work in the bios options of your legion. Choose the key for the start-up & go You can use Ubuntu in live USB/CD mode without problems and save your... see more
    15-10-21, 14:38
    2 replies
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