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  • 🔥 Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway!
    I actually cycle through 2 different desk pads, switching when one gets dirty and i have to clean it. One is a pink and grey Asus ROG one and the other is a light grey one from Streamelements that has a design my friend made for me on it I like this Legion design as well, because it has like a... see more
  • bye bye Covid19
    In Denmark at least all restrictions have lifted and most likely will stay away, so here it seems that we'll go back to normal sooner rather than later which is a good sign see more
  • TV/Streaming habbits
    I don't really watch TV shows anymore as nothing really interests me right now, so it's mostly YouTube streaming. The latest TV show i watched was Witcher season 2 on Netflix and before that i don't even know as it was so long ago see more
  • Which Esports teams or players do you follow?
    MoriMoonpaw I did see the G2 event! i sadly don't play R6 but i joined when there was the Fortnite event as a celebration of your partnership! :D even won one of the merch packs! I do kind of play CSGO, it's pretty rare and mostly just deathmatch as i am not tactical enough to play the ranked... see more
  • Which Esports teams or players do you follow?
    In terms of Esports i basically only watch CS:GO and that was due to me winning an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Katowice to watch the IEM tournament in 2019, after that i started watching CS:GO. And i follow a few teams, Astralis and Heroic both because they're top tier Danish teams and they... see more
  • Downloaded the free Tomb Raider games yet on Epic Games Store?
    I grabbed Shadow since i have the other 2 on steam, only played the first one though but it was a lot of fun, can't wait to try more of them! :D see more
  • What do you like to do in Minecraft?
    I've played Minecraft for about 10 years and how i play it hasn't changed in a lot of those years, i make a world, build a tiny cube of a house, mine some stairs down and mine until i get diamonds, after i get enough diamond to get enchanted diamond gear i delete my world and start all over again 😂... see more
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