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  • What character in a game annoyed you?
    In terms of pure annoyance, Navi from Ocarina of Time is up there for me, but for a character that had potential but in the end ruined the character for me I am drawing a blank right now, i will add another reply if i remember any 😅 see more
  • Coffee
    In honour of the Hobby month here in the community and as @DoctorEldritch kindly pointed out, today (January 18th) is National Gourmet Coffee Day, I wanted to ask you guys how you like to drink and make your coffee as well as share my personal preferences in both of those aspects mentioned. ... see more
  • Does your hobby have a game?
    @DoctorEldritch making coffee haha 😅 it was just the closest i could think of off the top of my head having to do with making coffee see more
  • Does your hobby have a game?
    The closest i can think of is the barista visual novel called Coffee Talk there might be more but that's the first one off the top of my head, and a game i really wanna try one day see more
  • What did you get as a present?
    I got an airfryer from my parents which has seen plenty of use already 😅 and a Hario V60 pour over coffee brewer from my GF, which is pretty fitting in the hobby month as making a good cup of coffee could be considered one of mine 🙌 see more
  • What is your New Year's Resolution?
    @DoctorEldritch that could be a way to make it easier but since i use my microwave for reheating leftovers and the like it's not really a possibility 😅 and since i have no oven mine is both a microwave and a convection oven, so for convection oven needs i need to keep it, but thanks for the tip :D see more
  • What is your New Year's Resolution?
    @DoctorEldritch I have a big tendency to take the easy route and either order food for delivery or buy a microwaveable dinner, so now it's around 4 days a week on average, with some weeks maybe being less, the recommended water intake that i'm used to is around 2 liters here in Denmark so that's my... see more
  • What is your New Year's Resolution?
    For a long time i didn't do new years resolutions as i always set my goals too high and too vague, but this year my mentality on them changed a bit, so i actually do have some for 2023! :D Practice Python at least 30 minutes a day (hopefully more) Make a homecooked dinner at least 6 days a... see more
  • What is your favorite winter holiday film?
    Mine would definitely be the Grinch, the same one mentioned above with Jim Carrey, and the muppets christmas is also near and dear to my heart 😅 see more
  • Upgrade Your Gamer Buddy competition!
    I met one of my best friends, Ben, in a game of Dead By Daylight nearly 4 years ago (Feb 2019) where i was playing with another friend and he was a random fill survivor, we had a killer that wasn't playing nice with cheesy strats, and without comms, Ben, who was a stranger at the time, sacrificed... see more
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