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  • Tekken 8 : King enters the ring
    AhmedOsmaan happy that you liked the video, I'm hyped too, but there is one element I don't like in fighting games nowadays, you have to wait months or even years to have the final edition with all DLCs if you want to have all characters and don't pay a big amount of cash PS: in Tekken 8 there... see more
  • Resident Evil 4 remake
    And it's well optimized compared to other games that were released this year 👀 see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    La dernière 🤣 see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Adoration --> Amour see more
  • E3 2023 show canceled
    AhmedOsmaan that's true, but there are still physical events like Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week and GamesCom (Germany), and those events were/are an opportunity for people to try games that are still in development, and also for developers to have feedbacks too. I think that both digital and... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    DoctorEldritch I'm far from being an expert, but you can say I'm a fan 😁 The Kazam/Mishima family is super complicated, but I guess they will sort out everything with the Iron Fist like always 😜 see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Estime --> Idolâtre see more
  • PS Plus : les jeux offerts du mois d'avril 2024
    Valiguard si tu veux jouer en ligne, c'est une obligation 😜 pour la rentabilité, tout dépendra, prendre le PS+ juste pour les jeux c'est "mouais bof tiers" mieux vaut le prendre de façon ponctuelle quand il y a un beau jeu et le finir avant la fin de l'abonnement. Si par contre la personne joue pas... see more
  • March 31st: What day is today?
    Actually the tower had a Venice red tint at the very beginning before being yellow, and it must be painted every 7 years on average with a special paint, and it is an "order" coming straight from Gustave Eiffel, and it is still the case today Here are the different colors the tower knew from the... see more
  • Metalheads of the community: Quizz and lets share some music
    DracoTarot "Alright partner !!" 🤣 I know it's not from "Break Stuff" but I wanted to use it 🤣 Break Stuff is one of my favorites too 😁 see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Politique --> Mépris see more
  • E3 2023 show canceled
    ZaidH OMG here is what I received in my emails, confirming what we were saying see more
  • E3 2023 show canceled
    DoctorEldritch E3 is one of the oldest and biggest events in the year since 1995. It was mostly for professionals (journalists) in the beginning before opening its doors to the public in mid to late 2010's. While there are other events, E3 was the annual meeting for the summer for enthusiasts,... see more
  • PS Plus : les jeux offerts du mois d'avril 2024
    Comme chaque mois, Playstation "offre" des jeux PS4 / PS5 aux abonnées de l'un des 3 paliers du Playstation Plus (Essential, Extra, Premium). Pour ce mois d'avril qui s'étendra du 4 avril au 1e mai, nous avons droit à 3 jeux : Meet Your Maker (PS4/PS5) Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4/PS5)... see more
  • Metalheads of the community: Quizz and lets share some music
    galadrielmt obviously I listen to Limp Bizkit too, it's a must 😁 If I may, there is this song that I wanted to share, that you probably all know and that I like, and if you don't know it, well I hope you'll like it 😁 see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Fou --> Asile see more
  • Steam : Valve mettra bientôt fin au support de Steam sur Windows 7 et 8.x
    Valiguard pas de quoi, j'hésitais à le mettre, puis, je me suis dit, ça peut toujours intéresser quelqu'un see more
  • Le salon de l'E3 2023 annulé
    Valiguard mais quand on sait que les constructeurs/éditeurs ont des conférences durant les mêmes dates que l'E3 (en physique ou en numérique) et surtout qu'il y a en parallèle le Summer Game Fest organisé par Geoff Keighley, le même qui organise les Game Awards, et que les marques y assistent (en... see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    Je pense que c'est normal qu'ils voient ça quand c'est moi puisque je suis GoLLuM 🤣🤣 see more
  • E3 2023 show canceled
    JetStream I remember before internet I used to read mgazines talking about what happened and what was announced there, then I started to watch conferences on the internet or at least read articles ! But what makes you think it will come back ? I explain why this question, manufacturers and editors... see more