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  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    Hey Ken3cento thanks a lot for testing out some portal stuff with me just now, very helpful. We'll have a new one for tomorrow if we want to go for any adventures. 😁 see more
  • name
    Nameis Thanks for saying hello - hello back 😁 and welcome to the community. What are some of your favourite games? :) see more
  • Hey Guys!
    Hei there Quralin! MMORPGs are some of my favourite genres actually (World of Warcraft my all-time favourite game) 😄 turn-based strategy though not so much, I'm not very good at the strategising part. I LOVED Bioshock Infinite although it's been a few years since I played it 😍 Golf with Friends, is... see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    Liue Ken3cento RedswordGames galadrielmt ninja3020luffy cyrusnimda and anyone else, some Minecraft on Thursday? 😊 see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    (my favourite Minecraft gif haha) Guys I’ll be in Minecraft on Thursday, taking a little stroll around our sunny village and taking a look at all the amazing houses and buildings you guys have created. Our Legion Village has grown a LOT recently and I feel it’s time to take a proper look around... see more
  • 📅 Community Events & Activities Calendar
    WoW Fridays have just been added in the schedule - from 8th July we can meet up in World of Warcraft on Friday evenings 😎 see more
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is on its way! And so is our game-night with exclusive rewards!
    LOVED the video Liue! 😍😍😍 Makes me want to login to the game and visit some taverns. Sadly, at the moment I'm not at my gaming PC 😭 but I think tomorrow I'll spend.... well, the whole day probably in there 😂 Guys - we have more info on the WoW #GameTogether events (WoW Fridays!), check... see more
  • World of Warcraft #GameTogether & Competition!
    Hi everyone! How's your day going? Got a couple of things to confirm: 1. We're starting World of Warcraft #GameTogether events!! ⚔️ As Liue mentioned, we're starting regular WoW meetups - first one next week!! Who's in? The Events Calendar will be updated soon with WoW Fridays so keep... see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us! (Nordic community)
    Happy Tuesday everbody, I've dropped those of you who are in an eligible country a DM with your code! Just to recap the countries covered by the promotion, here's the full list: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada see more
  • Hello everyone!
    Nah I just right-click on the C and D drives and check what it says 😂 Thanks for the tip! I do have an external hard drive (USB-powered) but not sure if it's best practise to play games from those... Yeah what Liue said above - would love to find some more WoW players among the community so do... see more
  • Hello
    mightymike Hi there, welcome 👋 Another Halo player! We have quite many in the community now. 😎 I'm just about to message you about the Game Pass code. 😉 I haven't played Sims myself, but does Sim City count? 😅 see more
  • WoW is a game of miracles
    Haha it is indeed Djoon 😁 World of wonders is a good way to put it! see more
  • Hi
    sven512 Hi Sven! 👋 Awesome to have you here and thanks for saying hello! Stick around and maybe we can play some Halo together too at some point! 😎 see more
  • Introduction for game pass
    Welcome to the community stygiana 😎 I've just recently started the Halo series (never played it before until I got the game pass) and liking it. Trying to balance the gaming time though between World of Warcraft and Minecraft so I'm moving pretty slow with it 😅 ​​​​​​​Did you play Halo and... see more
  • #GameTogether - Want to play Back4Blood? (Wed 29 June)
    Hey guys! ​​​​​​​ @LilySensei (Paty) and @Wersus are going to play Back4Blood, one of the games on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, on Wednesday 29 June! Want to join for some zombie horror? 😎 When? Wednesday 29 June, at 18:00 CET (19:00 Finland, 18:00 Norway/Sweden/Denmark) Who can... see more
  • Hola gamers!
    Hei Drmiami 😎 Happy Monday Nice 😁 ever tried the game before or would this be the first time? 😊 Welcome to the Legion community! 👋 see more
  • 🧩 WORD SEARCH: can you find 46 gaming words?? [COMPLETED]
    Final grid 😊​​​​​​​ see more
  • 🧩 WORD SEARCH: can you find 46 gaming words?? [COMPLETED]
    Guys I'm back, happy Monday, thanks for waiting 😄 I'm all caught up and can see the word search is now.... COMPLETED! Well done everyone who participated for finding all the words! @LilySensei (Paty) @VanteS @Wersus @Klumpen @Elixor @Laskiri @j7schultz @RedswordGames @AviationGamerX @Liue ... see more
  • Hello everyone!
    Hey NextStep welcome and thanks for posting an intro an saying hello 😊 I've heard super good things about Forza Horizon. Actually tried to download it but ran out of space on my PC after installing Farming Simulator 😄 I need to sort out more space. What other games do you play normally? 😎 see more