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  • Your current game?
    thegreenlawyer not a pro here either, more like a casual maybe still sort of beginner. Really enjoyed our community game nights in CSGO, hope we can arrange more soon. :) Let us know if you want to join! The Last of Us looks SOOOO good. Also the Horizon games although I think they might have... see more
  • Legion Mousepad Lenovo giveaway 2022
    Yay! Good to hear! How did he like it? 😎 see more
  • Who wants to play Warzone?
    Ok cool shall we do some Warzone then next week, how about... Thursday? 😄 DeviL3591 LilMonsterTii see more
  • What is the best vampire movie or series?
    Hahahhahah I actually binged all of them in one weekend and loved it! 😄😄😄 ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Your current game?
    thegreenlawyer omg I still need to finish the movie. I started it with someone who's never played WoW and they were like... nah 😂 But if I can find it on some streaming service (Netflix maybe?) I'll finish it! Nice, another CSGO player, there's a few now on the community! ​​​​​​​Do you play... see more
  • Legion Gaming x Stryhn
    Awesome to have you here Stryhn and good luck with the sign-ups project! 👍 see more
  • Check my stream on Twitch!
    Hey there MBisgaard thanks for posting your intro! Wishing you luck on the community sign-ups! 👍 see more
  • My livestream!
    Hi MrKallenbach awesome to have you here! I also like CS:GO a lot. Should play more soon as it's been a while. Good luck with the community sign-ups! 😎 see more
  • Nordic streamers activity is happening right now (with free subs!)
    Hi everyone! We’ve got a cool streamer collab going on at the moment where our 3 awesome streamer friends from Denmark are encouraging gamers to sign up on the Legion Community with their special referral links. Go check out their streams, great stuff! AND, if you’re not yet a registered... see more
  • Your current game?
    Hey there thegreenlawyer I've actually been taking a few days break from gaming, but overall at the moment it's World of Warcraft mostly for me - looking forward to the new expansion coming end of November. What about you, what are you playing? 😊 see more
  • Competition: 12 Weeks in Azeroth - Week 12 (23-30 September)
    Albeck There's also the new expansion announced for WoW retail - Dragonflight, end of November. I booked 2 weeks holiday already 😂 see more
  • Competition: 12 Weeks in Azeroth - Week 12 (23-30 September)
    Albeck Now 😄 And it's you! 😄 Thanks for taking the time to post your screenshot! I'll drop you a DM shortly with the game code. 😎 Are you playing WoW regularly by the way? 😊 see more
  • What is the best vampire movie or series?
    The Strain - loved it j7schultz! I binged it all in quick succession. I also watched First Kill 😊 And Blood Ties 😍 Also for me: True Blood DracoTarot too. Anyone watch Vampire Diaries? One of my all-time favourite series! I haven't read the books (yet). There was actually a new-ish vampire show... see more
  • Who wants to play Warzone?
    Awesome LilMonsterTii! Do you have it on PC too? 😊 see more
  • Competition: 12 Weeks in Azeroth - Week 12 (23-30 September)
    Hahahahaha Albeck it took me a while but I can see you in the bushes 😂 Good one, is that in Stormwind? see more
  • Legion Mousepad Lenovo giveaway 2022
    We got an update saying they're in the process of sending the rest out during this week. We'll share if/when we hear any further updates! And of course I want to see more amazing mousepad photos from you guys when more of you receive them 😄 will you share some @ninja3020luffy? 😊 And your... see more
  • ARK and Gloomhaven - tried these games? (Free until 29 Sep)
    zutopo Ahhh I've played FFXIV too, quite a lot a few years back, but then I moved back to WoW and all my time was spent there so FFXIV sort of got left behind. It's a lovely game and since I've played a few years ago there's been a lot of new content added, so I should check it out again. IF ONLY... see more
  • Who wants to play Warzone?
    Hey guys, Quick question - DeviL3591 and I might play some CoD Warzone at some point soon-ish (timing to be decided) 😄 If we play in a group I think we need 4 people in a squad (or am I wrong?) so just checking if anyone else is interested in some Call of Duty Warzone? 😎 I've played a little... see more
  • Join us in Wrath of the Lich King Classic #GameTogether (Fri 23 September)
    @DeviL3591 Ohhhhhh ok got it, we learn together then 😄 We can see who else is interested in joining, I think we can have a 5-person team (although we can have strangers joining too if we're less than 5 I'm pretty sure). I'll post a topic about it shortly actually and we'll see if anyone else... see more
  • Competition: 12 Weeks in Azeroth - Week 12 (23-30 September)
    Hey guys, I'm going to leave this open a few extra days as tomorrow and Monday I'll be off on an extended weekend, so if you have a screenshot to post you have until Tuesday 4 Oct! 👍 see more