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  • Join us in World of Warcraft #GameTogether (Fri 8 July)
    j7schultz and RedswordGames did you want to join as well on Friday btw? 😊 see more
  • Hey Guys!
    @Quralin I found this on Game Pass, is it the correct one you mentioned? I need to try it out 😄 Oh and don't worry, apparently it's going to be super sunny here next week so I'm sorted. 😄 Edit: just saw it has a 12-player (2-12) multiplayer!! see more
  • Finland's largest gaming event - Assembly Summer 2022 4th - 7th August
    Thanks Liue! This will be my FIRST EVER Assembly. Super excited! See you at the Legion booth 😄 Interesting to hear if anyone else from the community is going to be there. If so, let's meet up! see more
  • Join us in World of Warcraft #GameTogether (Fri 8 July)
    Nice Wersus. Italy, one of those places I've always wanted to visit but so far never have 😭 You're welcome to anytime :) If anyone is completely new to WoW by the way and wants some company leveling up to 10, or going through the tutorial quests together etc. let me know, happy to jump in. 😊 see more
  • Hey Guys!
    Oooooo I'd be up for that! see more
  • Join us in World of Warcraft #GameTogether (Fri 8 July)
    Liue Excellent! Thanks for the details! I'm thinking of creating a Hunter alt (did it on Horde, need one on Alliance) and planning to level it up to 10 before our game. 😁 Just adding to the competition part above, the game codes themselves will be Nordic-specific (DK/FI/NO/SE) but anyone... see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    Ok Liue awesome, if you're up for it, see you tomorrow evening! If not, hope you feel better very soon 🤗 And maybe we can bring you a souvenir from Hell 😂 see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    Hey Ken3cento thanks a lot for testing out some portal stuff with me just now, very helpful. We'll have a new one for tomorrow if we want to go for any adventures. 😁 see more
  • name
    Nameis Thanks for saying hello - hello back 😁 and welcome to the community. What are some of your favourite games? :) see more
  • Hey Guys!
    Hei there Quralin! MMORPGs are some of my favourite genres actually (World of Warcraft my all-time favourite game) 😄 turn-based strategy though not so much, I'm not very good at the strategising part. I LOVED Bioshock Infinite although it's been a few years since I played it 😍 Golf with Friends, is... see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    Liue Ken3cento RedswordGames galadrielmt ninja3020luffy cyrusnimda and anyone else, some Minecraft on Thursday? 😊 see more
  • #GameTogether Minecraft Meetup Thu 7 July!
    (my favourite Minecraft gif haha) Guys I’ll be in Minecraft on Thursday, taking a little stroll around our sunny village and taking a look at all the amazing houses and buildings you guys have created. Our Legion Village has grown a LOT recently and I feel it’s time to take a proper look around... see more
  • 📅 Community Events & Activities Calendar
    WoW Fridays have just been added in the schedule - from 8th July we can meet up in World of Warcraft on Friday evenings 😎 see more
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is on its way! And so is our game-night with exclusive rewards!
    LOVED the video Liue! 😍😍😍 Makes me want to login to the game and visit some taverns. Sadly, at the moment I'm not at my gaming PC 😭 but I think tomorrow I'll spend.... well, the whole day probably in there 😂 Guys - we have more info on the WoW #GameTogether events (WoW Fridays!), check... see more
  • World of Warcraft #GameTogether & Competition!
    Hi everyone! How's your day going? Got a couple of things to confirm: 1. We're starting World of Warcraft #GameTogether events!! ⚔️ As Liue mentioned, we're starting regular WoW meetups - first one next week!! Who's in? The Events Calendar will be updated soon with WoW Fridays so keep... see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us! (Nordic community)
    Happy Tuesday everbody, I've dropped those of you who are in an eligible country a DM with your code! Just to recap the countries covered by the promotion, here's the full list: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada see more
  • Hello everyone!
    Nah I just right-click on the C and D drives and check what it says 😂 Thanks for the tip! I do have an external hard drive (USB-powered) but not sure if it's best practise to play games from those... Yeah what Liue said above - would love to find some more WoW players among the community so do... see more
  • Hello
    mightymike Hi there, welcome 👋 Another Halo player! We have quite many in the community now. 😎 I'm just about to message you about the Game Pass code. 😉 I haven't played Sims myself, but does Sim City count? 😅 see more
  • WoW is a game of miracles
    Haha it is indeed Djoon 😁 World of wonders is a good way to put it! see more