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  • Legion Gaming Community Tower by Ken
    Ken3cento Thank you Ken! My house looks really great and I love the purple! I hope I can visit again soon! 😎 see more
  • (In Finnish) Töihin pelialalle? Maksuton valmennus Tampereella 3.3. alkaen. Ilmoittaudu nyt!
    Mukava juttu, että tällaista valmennusta tarjotaan Suomessa! Kiitos postauksesta Liue, toivottavasti sinne löytyy vielä lisää porukkaa. 👍 see more
  • Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice
    Have a great trip Saka and enjoy the IEM experience! 😊 Super cool that you're going see more
  • 24 hour poll - what do you love most about gaming?
    Which other option would you also pick Saka? This was a super quick thing for now to get a high-level idea of the split, but I'd love to explore this more in the future with the community and have further discussions too. For me I'd pick the "escaping everyday life" and probably the "pushing... see more
  • AMA - Lenovo's Product Team answers community questions!
    Hi everyone! It's the moment we've been waiting for! We’ve got the AMA answers back from the team, see below! 😎 A super big thanks to John, Chris and Sergey from Lenovo’s Product Team for taking the time to answer community questions related to Legion products and what it’s like to work at... see more
  • A habbit u got used to if you can't sleep?
    I play some mobile games if I can't sleep sometimes, currently Farm Heroes Super Saga 😅 And sometimes (and this is better for sleep too - no screens) like LadyS I write things on a notepad that I have on the night stand. It's a good way to put down thoughts that are bothering e.g. about stuff I... see more
  • G2 Esports 2023 LEC roster & new female LoL team!
    Hi everyone! The start of 2023 is looking more and more awesome - the new Legion devices were just announced, and we're also celebrating the renewal of Lenovo's partnership with G2 Esports. Did you know they have a new female-only League of Legends team, G2 Hel? 😎 The team consists of 5 players:... see more
  • AMA - ask your questions to Lenovo's product team!
    Hey guys, quick update - we've got John as well from the product team excited to check out your questions alongside Sergey and Chris! I've updated the post above to include a bit of information about him as well. 😎 see more
  • AMA - ask your questions to Lenovo's product team!
    Great questions guys! Thanks for taking the time to post them. 😊 Don't hesitate to add if you want to ask anything further! 👍 Anyone else if you're thinking of asking the product team something, now's your chance - you have until the end of the week to post your questions. 😊 see more
  • AMA - ask your questions to Lenovo's product team!
    Hi everyone! Following the exciting news of the latest Legion laptops, towers and monitors, (see here), we've got a great opportunity for you to tap into some "behind the scenes" information related to the new Legion devices and their development process! Chris, Sergey and John from our product... see more
  • The new Legion lineup announced at CES 2023!
    JokerZida What features are you liking the most? 😊 see more
  • The new Legion lineup announced at CES 2023!
    Also this is cool - check out Lenovo's virtual CES showcase! 😎 see more
  • The new Legion lineup announced at CES 2023!
    Hi everyone! You might have spotted that the new Legion lineup was just announced at CES 2023! The new generation of the Legion Pro series laptops include the Lenovo LA AI chip, the world's first dedicated AI chip on a gaming laptop. Lenovo AI Engine+, powered by the Lenovo LA AI chip,... see more
  • Legion x Drb7a Showdown - info for participants
    Hey everyone, just a quick update - you can tune in for Drb7ha's live stream this week for 3 hours both on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th Jan, where he'll play with his fans and do the lucky draw for the gift items mentioned above. :) see more
  • Legion x Drb7a Showdown - info for participants
    مرحبًا بالجميع! لدينا تعاون مثيرومستمر مع الاسطورة Drb7a حيث تتاح لبعض الفائزين المحظوظين فرصة الحصول على هدايا من خلال التسجيل في مجتمعنا. سيكون لديه بث مباشرعلى Twitch خلال اليام القادم "سنعلن عنها قريبا" في خلال البث واللعب مع Drb7a سيقوم بإجراء السحب على الهدايا مع أولئك الذين سجلوا في... see more
  • Legion x Drb7a Showdown - info for participants
    Hi Everyone! We’ve got an exciting collaboration ongoing with Drb7a where some lucky winners have a chance to get a gift by registering on our community through his channels. He will have a live session on Twitch afterwards to meet and play with and do the lucky draw for gift items with those... see more