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  • Minecraft Meetup on 11th May looked like fun and stuff happened!?
    GoT? I actually haven't seen it (yet) but I just googled Widow's Wail 😅 Is your signature also from Game of Thrones? Just saw it 👍 I mean I just saw the signature, not Game of Thrones lol see more
  • 🔥 Legion limited-edition mousepads giveaway!
    Nice one RedswordGames very smooth-looking mousepads, both of them 😄 Are they new?? see more
  • Anyone into photography?
    Hey guys, Are any of you into photography at all, in any capacity? 😊 Or not interested? Just wondering as I've recently picked up my photography hobby and really enjoying it especially as the weather is now lovely. If you're also into taking photos, do you prefer your mobile phone camera... see more
  • Minecraft Meetup on 11th May looked like fun and stuff happened!?
    Oh sooooo cool to see video clips thanks for posting Ken3cento, nice to watch when I wasn't there myself that time. Wow that creeper explosion 🙀 Hahahahahah I can see in the chat a lot of "....was slain by Zombified Piglins", and then suddenly at some point LilySensei (Paty) was slain by... see more
  • 🧩 WORD SEARCH: can you find 46 gaming words?? (89% done!)
    41 words found!!! So close 😁😁😁 5 left to find! j7schultz Videogame, sandbox, arena, achievement(s), magic, computer, co-op (now thinking about it, it could also be like a chicken coop lol) and arcade were on the list. 👍 And PVE is an excellent bonus word! 👏 Klumpen Console, NPC, keyboard, raid,... see more
  • 🧩 WORD SEARCH: can you find 46 gaming words?? (89% done!)
    Wow!! You've been busy again 😅 Calculating.... Verifying.... ​​​​​​​brb see more
  • Light games about light 💡
    For International Day of Light in relation to gaming, I think my personal favourite thing to celebrate the fact that they added ray tracing for Minecraft!! 😍 see more
  • Get your questions answered by Gozen from G2 Esports!
    I've seen a few questions from members in our other language communities which is great - last chance guys, any questions for the Gozen girls from the Nordic community? 😊 We'll be collecting these TOMORROW (Wed 18 May) into a list that we'll pass on to G2, so if you have any questions in mind, post... see more
  • Hi! It's me, Cato Alexander (RedswordGames)
    Awesome, welcome to the community RedswordGames! Nice to see another WoW player here in the Nordic community. One of my favourite games of all time, which I'm now getting back into after a few months' break. What class/race are you? Do you fish in real life or in WoW? 😄 🐟 🐠 🐡 I fish in... see more
  • #GameTogether - Join us for some Skribbl (May 19th)!
    Ok so with RedswordGames joining then we have an expert Skribbler in our midst balancing my nonexistent drawing skills 😂 Well actually, if you judge my drawings thinking they were made by a young child, then I think I'm actually pretty great! see more
  • #GameTogether - Join us for some Skribbl (May 19th)!
    Yay, welcome!! I'll drop you a PM for Discord 👍 Have you played Skribbl before? 😄 see more
  • [Guide] How to install or update OptiFine 11.8.2 on Minecraft for prettier graphics
    Hi guys! As we have our very own Legion Minecraft Server (wanna join? See here), people occasionally ask how to make the graphics look fancy like in our screenshots. More realistic sky, water and shadows...? The answer is: OptiFine + shaders + nice texture packs. ❤ I recently did this and it... see more
  • Lenovo Legion 5 - My thoughts!
    Oooh, Hearthstone. I've played in the past, but because I'm not very good at the planning element I felt frustrated with that game even though I love the universe of it. Speaking of which, do you play World of Warcraft at all? Just wondering, because Hearthstone. 😅 (and because WoW is one of my... see more
  • Lenovo Legion 5 - My thoughts!
    Oh niiiiice thanks for taking the time to post about your new Legion 5 RedswordGames! And what a setup you have there 😍 awesome to see a photo! What types of games are you going to play on it? P.S. Is that a llama sitting in your potted plant in the background? 😄 🦙 see more
  • Minecraft Meetup on 11th May looked like fun and stuff happened!?
    Awesome thanks for all the info Aaricia! I need to go practise my shoot-the-fireball-back-at-the-ghast moves before Wednesday 😅 Anyone from the Nordics - see here and let me know if you want to come along too! see more
  • 🧱 #GameTogether - Minecraft (May 18th)!
    Hey everyone who's up for Minecraft on Wednesday? Last week I missed it and the guys visited the Nether - just my luck. Check out some screenshots. So we're doing it again, all together this week! Who's coming along from the Nordic community? 😊 When? Wednesday 18th May 2022, at 16:00 GMT... see more
  • 📅 Community Events & Activities Calendar
    Update for this week! Wednesday 18th: Who dares to enter the Nether with us in Minecraft? ⏩ Let me know Thursday 19th: We'll be playing - a browser-based casual and light drawing & guessing game ⏩ Comment here to sign up see more
  • #GameTogether - Skribbl (Thurs 19th May)!
    See you there! My first time playing Skribbl 😄 see more
  • #GameTogether - Join us for some Skribbl (May 19th)!
    Guys we're playing Skribbl with @QueenTomato & @OursGarou on Thursday this week! This is my FIRST time playing Skribbl so really looking forward to it! Looks like a super light, casual and fun game. Who's joining us from the Nordic community? 😊 All you need is a browser (it's a browser game!)... see more