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  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch oh no the polar night! I live in germany so is not nearly as dark as up north BUT HEAR ME OUT 😅 I hate winter. I come from southamerica and the cold is not a problem (can always wear another layer), the snow is alright (a bit wet and disgusting) but the darkness kills me. Like no... see more
  • #LegionFridays: ¿Cuál es vuestro animal guía?
    @CandelaSynth Hola a tod@s! Los gatos son los que me identifico. Son listos, independientes y tienen nueve vidas (he sobrivivido a un par de experiencias cercanas a la muerte, no creo que me queden nueve vidas pero ahi vamos lol😅) Los gatos no temen ser ellos mismos incluso si molesta a sus... see more
  • What's your Favourite music genre?
    @DracoTarot ouuuufff so nice! How is the quality though? I have heard all sorts of things about demonia shoes (good and bad) and many people have different experiences with them, hos is yours? Yes violin it is a hard romantic instrument, i love the sound see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 27 July - 3 August
    @DoctorEldritch really cool😎 see more
  • #Legion Fridays: Jefes Finales
    @CandelaSynth vaya pero que loco! I am honored 😍 see more
  • What's your Favourite music genre?
    @DracoTarot ohhhh they are beautiful!🤩 I own some shoes from koi footwear, they are not cheap but afordable, and some killstar. I actually thing their boots are very good quality for the price (better be, they are not so cheap) despite of what many ppl say. I am curently eying this ones ... see more
  • What is the best summer festival?
    @DracoTarot yes, get a couple of ppl and try it, is worth it😎 see more
  • What's your Favourite music genre?
    @DracoTarot this is actually so very interesting! I have a similar music taste to you I think, love metal and gothic music. I am also a violinist and i love classical and soundtrack. I think i fit into both descriptions: I love classical music, I am sometimes extroverted (with a very low social... see more
  • El castillo de Takeshi
    @Inyeon hahahahaha por supuesto que voy a verlo! la version original japonesa la pasaban en la tele de mi pais vaya usted a saber por que, y es parte de mi infancia, como me partia de la risa viendo a la gente caerse (perdon, es que a veces es muy gracioso)🤣 see more
  • Vacaciones y problemas: mi experiencia
    @Jessika19 wow pero que cosa! Muchas gracias por compartir, es una situacion que facilmente le podria pasar a muchos, muy util la info, yo no sabria que hacer en esa situacion, ahora tengo una mejor idea. see more
    @CandelaSynth ese king cake esta espantoso, que alguien llame a un exorcista por favaaaah😨 see more
  • #Legion Fridays: Jefes Finales
    @CandelaSynth para mi, uno de lo jefes mas horriblemente horribles es definitivamente cualquiera de la saga de Dark Souls. Gwyn, Senor de la ceniza, final boss del primer juego es bien dificil. Pero La hermana Friede y Padre Ariandel se llevan el premio mayor. Creo que si no recuerdo mal, me tomo... see more
  • #Legion Fridays: Jefes Finales
    @Inyeon clasicazo😎 - - - Updated - - - @Ecco1983 Por dios SEPHIROT FUE UNA PESADILLA PASARLOOOOO lo queria mencionar, pero ya esta mencionado asi que iremos con otro, pero el tiene una mencion especial. Jamas olvidare lo que sude para derrotar a ese tipo (uno de los mejores villanos escritos... see more
  • Reparto de Botin de Blackgem Vindicare. Agosto Semana 2
    @Blackgem holaaa! He vuelto de la ultratumba otra vez 🤣. Que genual todo lo que haz recolectado, que pasada! Pues la verdad no estoy jugando a nada de momento (life lol) el de Apex me interesa, pero no lo desperdidies en mi, llevo siglos sin jugar a nada. Un saludo y enhorabuena por tu coleccion de... see more
  • What is the best summer festival?
    @DoctorEldritch @DracoTarot well Metal Yoga is basically the most fun way of moving your body. And it goes perfect with this tread because it originated during the Wacken open Air festival. Is basically a bunch of ppl listening to metal while doing Yoga. But there is a catch: is not your... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 27 July - 3 August
    @DoctorEldritch lol no, I literally never have time😭, already got the last Uncharted (old, i know but it was on disccount) and I still dont manage to play it or nothing at all see more
  • What Sport do you watch?
    @DoctorEldritch I watch both but I wont lie: Female gymnastics are much more graceful, and both genders show an incredible amount of body control and strength, but yeah, female are just more beautiful and artistic in my opinion. see more
  • What is the best summer festival?
    @DoctorEldritch omg yes! I don't know how to knit, but, I love Metal Yoga! Weird combo but is one of the reasons this world can be a better place😅 see more
  • What is your favorite Alice?
    @DoctorEldritch Hey there! Controversial opinion: I hate the book, I hate the Disney animated film, as a child and now as an adult, i just cannot stand it. BUT! I really loved the game (Madness Returns) and that made me more interested in the crazy world. Another controversial opinion, I really... see more
  • Metalheads of the community: Quizz and lets share some music
    @TheWhippingTaill Really good taste, despite of the bad reputation from the Slipkot fandom, they are really good. And of course, Avenged Sevenfold is a classic no doubt. Really love the Nightmare album and their homonimus album, also freaking loved Mad Hatter. - - - Updated - - - @DracoTarot... see more