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  • 🥇 Compétition Legion - Janvier
    OursGarou Let's go!!!😎 see more
  • Personal Heroes!
    Trisha Awwwww. I'm happy to be your hero😍 see more
    We all know FORTNITE is the biggest game for many years now and if they want to keep that up they need to develop with the technology the world has to offer. So far they've done superb with their adaptation but with NFT's and the virtual world becoming more popular. Will we see a very advanced... see more
  • What are your thoughts on the new shotgun?
    Alertmystery Honestly very confused on how I feel about it... It's better as a hunting rifle 🤣 see more
  • Bowling!
    Trisha I am unbeatable my ass 🤣... I am only semi decent Babe😘 see more
  • I CAN'T GAME!!!
    Load shedding took away a total of 8 hours off my day today!! Honestly, so disappointed that I didn't have the time to game🙄 I was stuck using a book to fan myself with this heat 🤣 Anyone else having trouble trying to game?? School, work, or in my case load shedding getting in the way??😒🤣 ... see more
  • Baker's Man Biscuits!
    I always enjoyed having tea and Marie biscuit. I used to soak the Marie biscuit in it and squash it up and have it lol see more
  • Let's END toxicity in the gaming community!
    QueenTomato (Tamara) I just wanted to spread positivity around the world! see more
  • Is Apex better than Fortnite??
    QueenTomato (Tamara) I'm always open to trying new things. Might give it a try and see what it's about... ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Is Apex better than Fortnite??
    I've been heavily thinking about trying Apex out. I'm looking for a breathe off fresh air after playing Fortnite for so long lol. Any gamers here who can give me feedback on the game??? TheArkGaming #jointheark #arklegion #lenovo see more
    My passion is in Sports. I love how it brings people together and how it encourages the athletes to push themselves to be the best they can be year after year. It's a place of continuous growth and self development. These are things that life should be about!😎 see more
  • Let's END toxicity in the gaming community!
    Toxicity is becoming a really big problem in the gaming community. Many players have left gaming, stop playing their favourite games and even content creators have quit trying. The toxicity is damaging the market and ruining the fun gaming experience that makes us log on everyday. Subscribe to... see more
  • How to survive a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
    I'd come find you and take you with me to a safe place. Then when I run out of food I'll have you there to make food for me 🤣 see more
  • Have you ever met anyone IRL that you ever only knew through gaming???
    Last night was my first time experiencing something like that. I got an opportunity to meet A50gaming2 and it was all because of TheArkGaming !! We were working together on The ARK TV Stream Team and he decided to come down to Durban were we met, gamed and played soccer together. This is... see more
    I've experienced this sooo many times when I was younger but now not so much. I do believe it is a memory from our past life. Wish I could find out more about who I was😩 see more
    How do you guys feel about ZA Fortnite clan war tournament?? TheArkGaming #arklegion #jointheark #lenovo see more
  • Does VOX Fibre support Middle East??
    Fibre just came to my area and I'd like to know if VOX supports Middle East so I can go ahead with it. I've been struggling with Cell C LTE for a while now. Fibre is a big upgrade for me either way. TheArkGaming #arklegion #jointheark #lenovo see more
  • The NEW PIZZA item in Fortnite??
    I had high expectations for this PIZZA item cause PIZZA is one off my favorite foods. I like the concept but I don't like the fact that you can only stack 2 slices and that it caps out at 50 shield. TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion #Lenovo see more
    Yoh guys so I started my workout journey again and I'm really struggling for some reason. The workouts are making me feel really exhausted for some reason. I used top workout before and it made me feel energetic all day. Not sure what's happening. If you guys can help me come up with a routine that... see more
  • Free Time?
    All my free time goes to my Girlfriend😋 see more