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  • Tilted Towers - the stuff of nightmares
    Now I dont know about anyone else, but I started Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 2 and ... well tilted towers was a big nono zone ... and to me it still it ... and now its bad to haunt me once again ... YES! im being dramatic XD, but truly is was the sweats hot drop and I think it will be again. ... see more
  • Aries is broken - Valorant Episode 4
    So being from South Africa, I'm used to playing PvP at around 200+ms. Having to play at this ping is quite disadvantageous but we find a way to make it work. Playing a game like valorant however doesn't give us much ability to do that. In a game where every millisecond can make a difference,... see more
  • First time winning in a Z league tournament !!!
    Zenic Bro I've felt the same thing. When we playing it feels like the lobby is against us 😭 always sad when they start teaming. see more
  • Teach me how to make edit
    I've been playing games since around the age 4. When I was introduced to youtube, the first thing I found was gaming edits. And the meme edits are the thing i like the most. I wanna learn how to do that. Does any one have any tips for me? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion Sub... see more
  • First time winning in a Z league tournament !!!
    So tonight, My team and I managed to get 3rd place in a Fortnite Z league tournament. Stakes where high, and I am truly surprised we made, but the feeling was exhilarating. Have yall dont any Z league tournaments? If so, how'd yall do? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion Sub to... see more
  • I made money from ZLeague!
    I still didnt make a cent XD see more
  • Valorant Act 4 is here and so is Neon
    I'm a regular player of valorant, both competitive and unrated, and this new Act has brought so many changes. Breeze looks like a different place, Ares meta is gonna come back, and Neon is 120.56% gonna get a nurf! What are yall enjoying from the new act? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk ... see more
  • PVP games give me stress
    Recently, I've been playing in Fortnite tourneys and a lot of Valorant ranked games and tbh I've just been feeling stressed out at the idea of playing PVP. Who else has experienced that? If so, what did you do to help alleviate that stress? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion ... see more
  • Pokemon, who remembers that?
    I've been playing pokemon sword recently and can honestly say its so different from the original Pokemon Red and Blue versions (yes, I'm that old). This shows the huge improvements being made to the gaming world. What games have shown yall just how fast gaming has progressed? DjYavishD... see more
  • Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battlepass
    How far have yall gone in the battle pass? what do yall want to get the most ? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion Sub to DjYavishD @ see more
  • LMAO!!! I bet my life if you're a Fortnite player you will relate to this....
    Striker pump 🤣 see more
  • Fishing is FUN.....IN FORTNITE
    I feel like I only enjoy it when i have the harpoon gun ... there isnt really time to stand there with a fishing rod 😂 see more
  • The new shield consumable in fortnite
    Im sure by now everyone has used it, its a bit of a broken item as it can fully shield and entire squad with the only downfall being the range. Can i get someones thoughts on this item? DjYavishD TheArkGaming #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion Check out DjYavishD @ ... see more
  • Remember the Agency?
    Im old, started looonnnggg ago 🤣 see more
  • Fortnite and ...
    What yall be doing when yall not playing Fortnite? Epic recently gave the Tomb Raider trilogy away for free and the story is amazing. TheArkGaming DjYavishD #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion Concider subbing to DjYavishD @ and join the ClubFam ... see more
  • Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1
    My only thought is that I wanna go back to chapter 1 😂 see more
  • Are you having fun playing fortnite?
    But all the guys always have their own things to do 😂 see more
  • What keeps yall playing fortnite?
    I recently got back into the game, but I can already feel myself slipping away from the game again. How do yall stay interested in the game? TheArkGaming DjYavishD #JoinTheArk #ArkLegion see more
  • S h i e l d 💦 s p r i n k l e r !
    will we be able to stack two of the medi spray?🤔 because it seems like this will be basically the same just for shields see more
  • How's your new year going??
    Whats the difference between this years and the past 2 years? theres new variants to worry about 😶 see more













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