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  • Olás amigos
    Reapersean hey there! Welcome to the community and thanks for joining us! This is the perfect place to make friends, game together online and join various different conversations :) What games are you playing at the moment? see more
  • Hello!
    lion6379 hey there and welcome to the community! Great to here that you love the community! Are you playing any games at the moment? see more
  • Hey Everyone, my name is Arno.
    Lakkabrah thank you for the awesome introduction! It's great to learn more about you and to have you be part of our community :D What type of musician are you? Do you play any specific instrument?😍 see more
  • Hi
    qubered hey and welcome to the community! Unfortunately the Xbox Game Pass for PC promotion has now ended and we don't have any codes left :/ Would you be interested in gaming with the community every Wednesday or Thursday? You can join us in our weekly #GameTogether sessions! Are you... see more
  • Hello
    casperdejare hello! We are as happy to have you here :) Do you play any games on mobile? see more
  • Hello!
    firelordzukoo hi there and welcome back :) I'm glad to hear that you decided to get active now, as you might have noticed there are so many exciting things happening around starting with Legion Fridays' weekly activities and our weekly #GameTogether events! What games are you playing at the... see more
  • HI this is Dandorma
    Dandorma I had no idea Dandorma was a type of icecream! Which one is it? Welcome to the community and thank you for introducing yourself! It's great to have you join us :D What games would you like to play in an ideal world? see more
  • Say hello to the Middle East & Africa Community 👋
    fartb3nd3r FBuddyAvR hi both and welcome to the Legion Community! Thank you for introducing yourselves - what's your favorite thing about the community so far? :D see more
  • Here's your chance to win a Legion 5 laptop after visiting the Lenovo booth at Insomnia Egypt!
    🏆Congratulations to @abkreno for winning a Legion laptop! 🏆 see more
  • ازاي اشارك في السحب على اللاب توب؟
    Tarek4Shaaban JetStream ​​​​​​​بالنسبة لـ Legioners23 ، كل ما عليك فعله هو التسجيل للحصول على فرصة للفوز! ولكن أثناء وجودك هنا ، لماذا لا تتصفح المحادثات المختلفة على المجتمع؟ see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣4️⃣- This or that?
    Flat screen Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣4️⃣ - هذه ام تلك؟
    مرحبًا باللاعبين! سيكون لدينا نشاط واحد كل يوم جمعة ، يتم نشره على لوحة Legion Friday ، وسيتم الإعلان عن 6 فائزين في نهاية كل شهر! نعتذر عن التأخير ، ها هو نشاطنا الثاني Legion Friday لشهر آذار (مارس)! 😎 ولأن هذا الشهر به 5 أيام جمعة ، قررنا منح 7 أعضاء فرصة للفوز! كيف يمكنك المشاركة في... see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣4️⃣- This or that?
    Hi Legion-ers! For those who don't know, we will have 1 activity every Friday, posted on the Legion Fridays board, and 5-6 winners will be announced at the end of every month! Here is our 3rd Legion Fridays for March! 😎 and because this month has 5 Fridays in it, we decided to give 7 members... see more
  • 🏆Legion Evolved - Phase 1 winners🏆
    seishunheiki you're very welcome!!! You are also eligible to participate in phase 2 if you would like to as we will also be giving away a Legion 5 laptop😍 see more
  • 🏆Legion Evolved - Phase 1 winners🏆
    Hi Legion-ers! ​​​​​​​Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us, we really appreciate the honesty and transparency of your messages! While there isn't a "best" answer, we still had to choose one winner so I would like to congratulate saadhilal for winning a Legion 5 laptop! 🎉🎉🎉 ... see more
  • من هي ستريمر الألعاب المفضلة لديك ولماذا؟
    gohan يبدو الفيديو ممتعًا جدًا !! see more
  • هل تتابع الانمي؟
    nour5090 انا لا احب الانمي أيضاً انظر إلى هذا الموضوع الذي نشرته LilySensei منذ فترة حول كرسي Legion animé ، أعتقد أنك ستحبه! see more
  • برنامج مصمم مايكروسوفت 🖌️🖼️
    JokerZida هذا مذهل حقًا! هل تعلم ما إذا كان سيكون مجانيًا للاستخدام؟ see more
  • كيف يمكنني المشاركة gamieng together
    @nour5090 نرحب بأي عضو في مجتمع Legion للانضمام إلى #gametogether ونرحب أيضًا بجميع المستويات! يمكنك العثور على الجدول الزمني في هذا الموضوع وإذا قمت بالنقر على القائمة الموجودة أعلى الصفحة يمكنك أيضًا مشاهدة الجدول الزمني والألعاب! يُرجى إعلامي إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة وسيسعدني جدًا تقديم... see more
  • السلام عليكم
    nour5090 هل لديك صورة؟😍 see more