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  • Call of duty
    Hashimmahrous hey there! Good luck!!! :) ​​​​​​​Which one is your favorite? see more
  • Hello everyone
    Ahmedsameh1 hello and welcome to the community! ​​​​​​​What games are you currently playing? see more
  • Lenovo legion 7
    Hsm900000 goodluck! Did you watch the event? see more
  • B
    Jbos welcome to the community! How are you finding it so far? see more
  • pubg player
    abduhalloh hey there! What do you mean? see more
  • I want to win the laptop 🤲 pleas
    Oussamamahmoud goodluck! see more
  • Legion 5 pro
    Mahmoud222 completely agree ;) see more
  • Electronic games between harm and benefit 🕹️🎮
    I personally believe it's all about balance! To everything, there is pros and cons. They say the sun is good for the skin but toooo much sun can be harmful - so it's just balancing :) ​​​​​​​What do you think? see more
    Ahmedsalama89 what's your favorite thing about the Legion laptops? :D see more
  • Add me on playstation
    Leg hey there and welcome to the community! Join our the Legion Community's discord channel: here's your invite. We play together every week different games with other community members, it would be awesome if you joined us! see more
  • wining laptop
    itsdarkneeS good luck to you! Feel free to add an avatar for your profile btw, it's super easy! You just have to go to yor profile settings and change it from there :) What's your favorite gaming laptop? see more
  • Free Codes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta
    JokerZida this is great news!!! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the community :) Did you manage to get a code for the beta for yourself?? see more
  • Xbox Game Pass
    Andrey56rus hey there! Welcome to the community :) Unfortunately we had a limited amount of codes which we ran out of for the time being. We're doing our best to get more for the community members, so stay tuned :D see more
  • I want to win laptop legion
    Yasinn511 good luck guys! Eslamsomo INUYASHA999 Which laptop is your favorite? see more
    What's your favorite thing about it? see more
  • My dream is a gaming laptop
    Hi there mohamed19933 which gaming laptop is your favorite? see more
  • For win
    Loverlonovo hi there! Nice avatar, did you take this picture? see more
  • #play_all_games
    As LockOut said, please feel free to join our Discord Channel! We usually meet there for our #GameTogether , maybe you want to join us sometime? Mazenmohamed see more
  • what is your....
    At the moment, I'm really enjoying playing Fall Guys! How long have you been playing Minecraft for? see more
  • Minecraft (الأربعاء 10 أغسطس)
    مرحبا! 👋 بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لا يعرفون: كل أربعاء وخميس ، لدينا GameTogether مع جميع أعضاء المجتمع 😎 سنلعب Minecraft هذاالأربعاء 10 أغسطس ونود منك أن تنضم إلينا !! متى سيتم اللعب؟ الأربعاء 10 أغسطس 7 مساءً بتوقيت السعودية للاشتراك: إذا كنت مشتركًا ، فقم بالتعليق في هذا الموضوع... see more