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    Farmer I see, I'm not very good at those games :( see more
  • who likes cheese?
    QueenTomato (Tamara) Oooooh Cheeessseee! That looks so yummy! see more
  • READING! - Collen Hoover!
    Some of you may say or think that this is a boring topic to talk aout, but hey! Aren't we all reading something every day? It's completely okay if you're not a reader, I am not a reader too, I never ever read books in school. One day however I had the urge to read something online and I came across... see more
  • Crafting
    Hi guys! I didn't post yesterday and I hope you appreciate my honesty, It is because I genuinely forgot to post! I was so occupied with my boyfriends valentines gift that I couldn't think about anything else (I love crafting!) I can't wait to suprise him! There's just 2 days left but it's honestly... see more
    Farmer Never heard of risk and mastermind but it sounds interesting! see more
  • Fluffly cute animals or reptiles?
    Farmer I personally don't like kittens but I love puppies, specifically golden retrievers! see more
  • who likes cheese?
    QueenTomato (Tamara) I haven't heard of that before haha! see more
  • Fluffly cute animals or reptiles?
    I am obviously and definitely a fluffly cute animal lover. I just lost my bunny recently and I'm missing her alot! I never got the opportunity to really pet animals or be around them but I really really want to during the course of this year with my boyfriend and my family. I do not like reptiles... see more
    cyrusnimda I've actually never heard of those games! I've only ever played the basics like scrabble, cludeo, 30 seconds Etc. But I'd really like to buy more interesting board games in future and try them out! It is sooo cool that you have a group of friends to play board games with! Monopoly... see more
    I feel like board games has become a thing of the past even though they're still sooo much fun! Board games give us the oppitunity to engage with our family and have fun with them! Speaking about board games, I reallyy want the fortnite monopoly! I don't like playing monopoly but I'm sure a... see more
  • Pre-School!
    JokerZida yuuppp! you have a very valid point. Everyone is going to have their own opinion though :) In my experience, everyone who did go to pre school is very committed and determined to learning new things however I didn't go to pre school and I have trouble doing that :( see more
  • Personal Heroes!
    DjYavishD I'm glad ❤ see more
  • Pre-School!
    Are you also one of those kids that didn't get to experience pre school? I am currently doing a pre school teaching course and what I've learnt is that those kids that went to pre-school before Grade R have a higher level of skills/intelligence! So peeps! Pre-school is very important for your... see more
  • Bowling!
    DjYavishD well So far I could never beat you at anything so 🤣😘 see more
  • Bowling!
    Have you guys played bowling before? I literally only have chance of winning if I'm playing with small kids because Believe it or not, I really struggle to life the bowling ball. I really like the idea of bowling but I am not a competitive person so I am not always comfortable playing it (Unless... see more
  • Malva Pudding!
    I don't know why but for some reason while thinking about a topic to talk about, I thought of malva pudding and now I suddenly have a craving for it! The weather is so perfect to have it while it's hot out of the microwave!😭 INTERESTING QUESTION: Do you like malva pudding with custard or ice... see more
  • who likes cheese?
    QueenTomato (Tamara) I've only ever eaten the normal gouda cheese which I try to incoperate in majority of my foods but I also really like mozerella cheese, It goes sooo well with a lot of FOODs:) see more
  • It's Friddaaayyy!
    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share what I'm doing throughout my day, I am not doing anything productive (Except for making 2 minute noodles YUM!) but I am spending the day with my boyfriend today DjYavishD Nothing is better than spending a nice cool friday with him while eating noodles and... see more
  • Baker's Man Biscuits!
    DjYavishD yeeesssss! That's what I mean when I say I have it like purity, it is soooo goood! It's even better to know that we are on the same page with Marie Biscuits! see more