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  • 2️⃣ Legion Friday: Competition #2 [Closed]
  • One's trash, another's treasure
    @Raine ah, okay no that's cool then. I think what i will do it host a whatsapp group for people to join if they wish. Over there we can trade buy and sell amongst ourselves. You can silence the group so that it doesn't disturb your peace. ( in some cases). The people that are interested inbox me... see more
  • What is, in your opinion, the best video game character of all time?
    Queen of blades. see more
  • Best food from games!
    Team, i think we all know what's about to go down when gaming, with the all nighters! JUNK FOOD & SUGARY TREATS, SNACKS AND DRINKS. if i could choose what to eat and ways eat when having these nights, it would be sushi. Clean fresh and healthier. ​​​​​​​Look after yourselves! see more
  • One's trash, another's treasure
    Hi team. Im not sure if this is appropriate to the forum, feel free to crack your knuckles if this is the wrong platform but i have an idea. ( perhaps we can open up a trade and sell page) for users looking to get rid of their old merchandise, just a thought. Not everyone is able to always buy... see more
  • Step into our Community Discord, Legion's Rest!
    I would love to join a discord server where people are actually active and chat. Not type chatting but voice.. Thinking back on the old days from. TS2 ( teamspeak 2) damn, were those awesome times. Joining a server an seeing 50 + folks in all different types of channels having a lekker chat. (... see more
  • We've hit a new milestone: 50k members on the Legion Community!
    Rather late than never. Congrats LEGION!! Wasn't expecting anything less. ​​​​​​​More to come on the road ahead. see more
  • who likes cheese?
    Trisha trolled example : " John, what is 1 + 1=? The awnser is 5, teacher! John are you trolling me? ​​​​​​​ see more
  • who likes cheese?
    Trisha im not sure if im being trolled here👀😂 but i think its safe to end this topic here if you haven't caught on by now🤣 ​​​​​​​Dm me if it's causing sleep deprivation ill make it clear there. see more
  • Do you even fortnite?
    Hi team! Yesterday, during the early hours of the morning i may have stumbled upon a possible gold mine for those that may not know of these EU tournaments regarding fortnite. I will add that i haven't checked it out myself yet, but will definitely be doing so in the upcoming days. I will... see more
  • who likes cheese?
    Trisha we are now friends. see more
  • who likes cheese?
    Trisha i think we're taking about different cheeses 😁 mine is green and yours yellow? see more
  • Say hello to the Middle East & Africa Community 👋
    QueenTomato (Tamara) The fact that the gaming online community is in my book one, if not the biggest influential platform for minors. ( if it wasn't for my online friends back in the day, i wouldn't be here today. People have a bad perspective when speaking about the gaming side of the fence.... see more
  • Say hello to the Middle East & Africa Community 👋
    Hi team, friends and followers! My name is Hilton Stassen aka Grumpy_prods you can find me on the following platforms, come pop in and flick that follow and subscribe. ❤️ Facebook Hilton Stassen Tiktok @grumpy_goon Twitter @grumpy_prods Instagram @grumpy_prods YouTube @... see more
  • 👻Favourite horror movie? 🎃😱
    When it comes to horror stories and films nothing really gets me! Hang on, hang on! Nothing thats to farfetched if you catch my drift!? Anything that has a great possibility of taking place or happening, now that makes my arm hair raise. They are as followed : All resident evil... see more
  • Hardest video game boss you've ever faced?
    LilySensei (Paty) couldn't even pass after checking " how to" 🙄 - - - Updated - - - TheArkGaming Na bru, you trolling! Ur not a bot.. I have checked your content. 😜 Let me know what you think of me! ​​​​​​​Tiktok @grumpy_goon see more
  • Help!!
    Telkom simcard. You have a choice between 20gig ( 10 day 10 night)R100 per month no contact. or 40gig ( 20 day 20 night)R200 p/m but wiyh contract. i have the 40 gig option myself for my mobile content creation. 50 up 50 down at home. R900 p/m telkom. ​​​​​​​Above deals for the simcard... see more
    Lets show him some love! see more
  • who likes cheese?
    Ohhh!! we're talking about that cheese... Nvm then.. JOH what a beautiful day. ​​​​​​​"whistles whilst strolling away, suspiciously looking around hands behind the back" 👀😉😜 see more