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  • Loadshedding
    DracoTarot Thanks fam, Ill definitely have a look at it see more
  • Escape from Tarkov
    So I've been having a discussion with some peeps and I've noticed that there seems to be a very love-hate relationship with the game, For some, they either hate it or love it. Myself, I have a very weird relationship with the game, I'm horrible at it but I still seem to enjoy the thrill of going... see more
  • Lets get to know eachother
    QueenTomato The name actually stems from a community decision, during the pandemic a lot of us were feeling in the dumps and we wanted to create a community for people to join and be a part of to play games, have people to talk to and just have a good time. Since then we decided to have a little... see more
  • Loadshedding
    With Loadshedding hitting us hard at the moment, What recommendations do yall have in regards to getting inverters and making sure you stay connected during the Electricity downtime? Any advice would be appreciated, I'm at a loss with options. see more
  • Hi lovely player geeks
    Sanars Welcome to the Community!! lovely to have you. Happy Gaming UwU see more
  • Lets get to know eachother
    I'm Anton or known as Roomys21 in the gaming Community, More recently Dredd as I've started a career in Streaming as the face of DreddForceGaming on Twitch. I'm 25, Turning 26 this December, and an avid fan of all things gaming and Tech, I'm also a Support technician, and although not always the... see more
  • Tech and Gaming
    Whats the newest Tech or Game you're anticipating the most for release? To me it has to be the New Ryzen CPU Generation!!! see more
  • What does Gaming mean to You?
    From a very young Age gaming became a passion for me and alot of people have asked me what gaming means to me... Its quite a simple answer for me and that would be that Gaming in all essence is a safe space. You get home and you log onto that game and you forget about a bad day for while and you... see more
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